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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kaimon Rucker, EDGE, North Carolina

Kaimon Rucker the standout EDGE rusher from North Carolina is a player to watch in the 2024 NFL Draft.
Kaimon Rucker the standout EDGE rusher from North Carolina is a player to watch in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Player Data 

Name, Jersey #Kaimon Rucker, #25
School (Code)University of North Carolina (NCUN)
DOB, Class Yr2-28-02, SR
Height, Weight6011e, 260
40 Yd Dash4.77e
Season Viewed (yr)(2023) (2022)
Games Watched(SCUN) (PAPT)
Scout Name / DateVictor Horn, 9/8/2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First) 

2022GP 14 SOLO 20 AST 17 TOT 37 TFL-YDS 7-30 SACKS-YDS 3.5-24 PD 1 FF 2
2021GP 13 SOLO 18 AST 13 TOT 31 TFL-YDS 5.5-18 SACKS-YDS 4-16  FF 1
2020GP 10 SOLO 12 AST 9 TOT 21 TFL-YDS 3-7

Player Summary

A physical edge rusher who initiates the contact is well-built with a solid stocky stature and frame. The NCUN defense aligns Rucker in the 5,6, 7, or wide 9 tech indicating his versatility of possible disruption. His position technique is average and tends to not be multi-dimensional, he gives out a good punch with a solid strike to OL when engaged, for position establishment and also to create space in an effort to keep OL from controlling his upfield rush during the play. The punch to an OL with a bull rush is his best use of weapon technique to get to the ball which is indicative of his strength. Not a shifty edge rusher who can torque his body making it difficult for the blocker. Tends to play with higher leverage than needed, especially rushing from the edge providing a target for an OL to block. COD is marginal, his motor and style of play are more upfield when the play is in front of him. Runs heavy-footed, but that doesn’t take away from his ability to get off the ball and be disruptive. Shows average R and R when reading the flow of play, able to see the offensive concept during the play for adjustment, ciphering a potential pass or run play. Not a speed rusher but more methodical chaos with sound body movements toward the ball possessor giving effort to effectuate the play. Rucker plays with a consistent high motor. Whether vs pass or run, he ensures that his presence is a burden for an offense.

Scheme Fit:

Over, Under

Power Statement:

Rucker is a gamer who plays with average intensity, using the most out of his abilities to try to be a threat for the NCUN defense. His motor runs consistently each play. Possesses an average IQ for alignment, R and R. Has the strength to battle and win against an IOL, OL. Improvement can be utilized to better technique for the edge rusher position.


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