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2023 NFL Predictions: The Wait is FInally Over!

With a little under 2 minutes left, Patrick Mahomes tried to run the ball and was tackled by Edwards who rolled up on his ankle.
2023 NFL Predictions: The Wait is FInally Over!

By Tristan Schaar

The Wait Is Finally Over! 

The 2023-2024 NFL season starts tonight as the reigning Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs host the young and upcoming Detroit Lions at GEH Field. With many franchises looking for continued success, others will begin their journey of new eras as the National Football League kicks off its 104th season.

Tristan’s NFC Predicted Standings: 

The NFC will be very straightforward this year… there are only three teams that have a legitimate chance at playing in Vegas this February; the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers. However, the future does look promising for the majority of NFC teams apart from the Cardinals and Rams who have already waved the white flag with the intention to rebuild. 

Tristan’s AFC Predicted Standings: 

On the other hand, the AFC has become a substantially stronger threat to the league this season with teams like the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and Pittsburgh Steelers all bolstering their rosters in hopes of sneaking their way into the playoffs after missing out in 2023. By the end of the year, seeing multiple teams from the AFC miss the postseason with an above .500 record should come as no surprise to fans across the league. Making for a very entertaining playoff race in the regular season’s closing weeks.


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