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Can an NFL player cross over to NBA? NBA star feels it is not possible

Can an NFL player cross over to the NBA? NBA star feels it is not possible

Paul George is a great basketball player do not get me wrong, but he feels right now that and NFL player cannot cross over to the NBA and succeed. He feels it is easier for an NBA player to cross over to the NBA than an NFL player crossing over to the NFL.

George spoke on the hypothetical scenario on his Podcast P With Paul George show. PG delved into the topic when brothers and NFL guys, Travis and Jason Kelce, submitted the question.

Question: “Can you tell us if any NFL player can play in the NBA and whether NBA players can play in the NFL?”

“I don’t think a football player could cross over into the NBA,” George responded.

PG continued to say this:

“I think for NFL guys to be able to play in the league, they got to be a hell of a shooter, right? Because otherwise, we’re not going to guard you. You can’t shoot like that athleticism, that strength. That means nothing if you can’t shoot the ball in our league.”

I get what Paul George is trying to say, but not everyone in the NBA can shoot. There are some horrible shooters in the NBA. I want to know what you think?


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