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Takeaways from PFF’s Mike Renner’s Post Super Bowl Mock Draft

Takeaways from PFF's Mike Renner's Post Super Bowl Mock Draft
Takeaways from PFF’s Mike Renner’s Post Super Bowl Mock Draft

Breaking down the biggest takeaways from Pro Football Focus’ Mike Renner’s post Super Bowl 2023 NFL mock draft.

With the Super Bowl in the rear view mirror we are now fully in draft season.  We’re still months away from draft day, but it’s not too early to start thinking about different scenarios.  

One of my favorite draft exercises is looking at other mock drafts as it allows me to consider different scenarios and team-prospect fits that I hadn’t considered before.

Mike Renner is one of the best draft analysts in the business and his mock draft is something to put a lot of weight into.  Some of his projections and analysis present things to consider that I hadn’t thought about before.

Some without further ado let’s hop into my biggest takeaways starting with a trade at number one.

Mike Renner Post Super Bowl Mock Draft

1: Colts Trade Up to Number One for QB Bryce Young

This didn’t come as a surprise given that the Colts being the team to trade up if the number one pick is dealt is one of most likely scenarios.

My takeaway from this is that it just reinforces the idea that at this point in time it seems likely that teams will view Bryce Young highly enough to be aggressive in trading up for him.

This would be a scenario that makes a lot of sense for both teams.  The Colts trade up to secure their long-term future at quarterback.  For the Bears they acquire future picks, but by only trading back to four they allow themselves to secure one of either Jalen Carter or Will Anderson Jr.

2: QB Will Levis goes Number Two to the Texans

In my latest mock draft I had Stroud as the second quarterback off the board with Will Levis going seventh overall to the Raiders.  However, this mock draft as well as a lot of other draft talk indicates that Levis will likely be one of the first two quarterbacks off the board and could even be the top overall pick.

I’m not as high on Levis as some draft analysts are, I think he has a lot of potential but think he’s too unproven to go be a top five pick in this class.  However, I can understand why the NFL may feel differently.

Levis’ talent level is apparent as his arm talent is amongst the best in the class. He can air the ball out downfield, as well as throw with good velocity. He also has a good skill set as a runner as he is athletic and has the size at 6-foot-3, 232 pounds to run through contact.

Plus, while he had struggles for Kentucky in 2022, he was productive in 2021 when the supporting cast surrounding him was much better.

8: Falcons select OL Peter Skoronski

The most likely position group for the Falcons to target is edge rusher.  This is a big need for them, but they will still consider other players.  One fit for them that I hadn’t considered until seeing Renner’s mock draft was Peter Skoronski.

This was the explanation Mike Renner gave for the pick: “You might be asking yourself, “Isn’t this high for a prospect who projects to guard?” To that, I’d say: “not with what Arthur Smith wants to do offensively.” They were the run-heaviest team in the NFL last season and rely on their offensive linemen to be athletes who can play in space. Skoronski is precisely that, the type of player who can pair with Chris Lindstrom to boost the Falcons’ rushing attack to a scary level.”

Skoronski played tackle at Northwestern, but he certainly could play guard in the NFL as well.  The Falcons drafting him to play guard is something that would make a lot of sense fit wise.

11: Titans select EDGE Lukas Van Ness

The Titans selection of Lukas Van Ness also presents a player-team fit that I hadn’t considered yet.

This was the explanation Mike Renner gave for the pick: “It may not be a need (although it will be if the Titans cut Bud Dupree), but Van Ness is too perfect a fit for Tennessee to pass up. The Titans love to create havoc with their line via stunts and slants, and Van Ness is a true havoc creator. His ability to sink low and walk back offensive linemen is as good as it gets in the draft class.”

With the Titans biggest need being offensive tackle I projected them to select Peter Skoronski in my latest mock draft.  A lot of other analysts have them taking an offensive tackle as well, but with what Renner lays out here Van Ness would also make a lot of sense for them.

18: Lions select QB Anthony Richardson

Quarterback would make sense for the Lions as while Jared Goff is solid, they could find a lot of value in a good quarterback on a rookie deal.  I’ve always assumed that if they went the quarterback route they would do it at sixth overall, but this presents a different scenario.

I don’t necessarily think that it’s likely that Richardson would be on the board still at 18, but it’s still possible and it would make sense for the Lions as well.  Goff could be starter for this season giving Richardson the opportunity to develop and take the reins as the starter at some point in the future.

22: Ravens select RB Bijan Robinson

With J.K. Dobbins on the roster I hadn’t previously considered the Ravens as a potential destination for Bijan Robinson.  However, Renner makes an excellent point in saying, “Bijan and Lamar Jackson in the same backfield is just too much dynamism to pass up.”

I still wouldn’t say this is particularly likely to happen, but it’s still something that should be considered.  Plus, it would be very fun to watch.

23: Vikings select WR Jordan Addison

With the Vikings defensive woes last season they’ll likely look at that side of the ball in the draft.  Renner however has them selecting a receiver in Jordan Addison as he points out that “He’s not just a separator, but also one who will make you pay down the football field if you tilt your safeties toward Justin Jefferson.”

Adding another receiver alongside Justin Jefferson would certainly make this offense even more exciting, so it’s something to consider come draft time.

24: Jaguars select TE Dalton Kincaid & 31: Chiefs select TE Luke Musgrove

With Michael Mayer going 21st overall in this mock draft that makes three tight ends coming off the board in the first round of Mike Renner’s mock draft.

I will admit that I haven’t done quite a deep enough dive on Dalton Kincaid and Luke Musgrove yet to give my evaluation on where they should come off the board.  However, Renner having them both in the first round is something to consider for future mock drafts.


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