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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Deshaun Fenwick, RB, Oregon State

2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Deshaun Fenwick, RB, Oregon State
Bradenton, Florida native Deshaun Fenwick is a standout running back from Oregon State that caught the eye of Hula Bowl Scout Mike Bey. Check out this Scouting Report!

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Deshaun Fenwick, #5
School (Code)ORST
DOB, Class YrN/A, RS SR
Height, Weight6010e, 226e
40 Yd Dash4.62e
Arms, HandsN/A, N/A
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games WatchedIDBO, @CAFR, CASC, @UTUN, @CAST,
Scout Name / DateMike Bey 10/14/2022

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

20226 GP, 6 GS, 73 Att 331 Yds 4 TD, 4 Rec 15 Yds
202112 GP 78 Att 448 Yds 4 TD, 4 Rec 14 Yds (Undisclosed Injury)
2020@SCUN 8 GP 54 Att 297 Yds, 14 Rec 108 Yds
2019@SCUN 2 GP 22 Att, 111 Yds
2018@SCUN 2 GP 22 Att, 115 Yds, 1 Rec 0 Yds

Player Summary:

RS SR and 1 yr full-time starter at RB in the zone blocking scheme of ORST. He plays in a rotation here he receives approximately 10-15 carries per game. Transferred from SCUN prior to the 2021 season. He has elite height, very good weight and marginal speed with a muscular upper body and powerful legs. He is a solid athlete showing a combination of good explosiveness, solid COD, acceleration, lateral quickness and agility with subpar balance and average top end play speed. He shows good vision and decision making as he quickly finds the open hole or cutback lane before exhibiting above-average burst as he hits the hole hard on inside runs. He runs behind his pads while keeping his shoulders square and shows very good mental toughness as he does not shy away from contact with the ball in his hands. He does a quality job finishing the run by falling forward for extra yardage. On outside runs, he displays solid lateral quickness and agility to get to the perimeter. He is solid in pass pro as he locates the blitzing LB, squares up and uses his solid UOH and good play strength to negate the progress of LB with adequate acceleration and maintain his block. In the passing game, he runs swing, curl and flat routes coming out of the backfield and shows solid hands as he makes the catch with his hands easily. Subpar contact balance due to him struggling to keep his feet when hit from the side by LB with quality hip explosiveness and good form tackling ability. Lack of quality play speed prevents him from gaining significant YAC in the passing game and scoring on long touchdown runs when running the ball. Lack of quality AA prevents him from turning the corner and gaining significant yardage consistently on outside runs.

Scheme Fit:

RB in zone blocking scheme due to his good vision, burst and decision making .

Power Statement

Tough, intelligent player who does a very good job finishing his runs. Can be a 3 down back due to his solid ability in pass pro. Lack of home run speed prevents him from being more productive.

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