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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Alfred Edwards, OT, Utah State

Alfred Edwards is a lengthy offensive lineman and quality pass blocker for Utah State. Hula Bowl scout Joel Titus breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of Edwards as an NFL Prospect in this article.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Alfred Edwards, #72
School (Code)UTST
DOB, Class Yr8/17/1999
Height, Weight6085e, 324e
40 Yd Dash5.25e
Arms, Hands3558e, 0938e
Honors/CaptainshipHonorable Mention All-Conference 2021
Season Viewed (yr)2021, 2022
Games WatchedUTBY 2021, @ALUN 2022, NVLV 2022
Scout Name / DateJoel Titus / 10-6-2022

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2022Started all 4 games at LT (314 snaps)
2021Started 13 games at LT (1105 snaps)
2020Started all 6 games at LT (358 snaps)
2019Started 12 games at LT (882 snaps)
2018Played 12 games, started 11 at LT (689 snaps)

Player Summary:

4 year graduate starter at LT for UTST. He possesses a rare height/good weight combo. Has elite arm length with poor hand size. Mostly a fantastic and rare collection of measurables. He displays average athletic ability with good strength and great punch ability. Shows good power despite having undersized hands. Gets consistent leverage, leading to great reps against power rushing defenders. Takes full advantage of his length, keeping his opponents at bay, exhibiting quality control in most one-on-one situations. He displays average foot speed and balance. Shows average flexibility, flashing both good and bad stretches. Competitiveness and toughness are average as he sometimes misses assignments and wanders around. His below-average instincts are on display in these quick sets, as he often moves without purpose in these sets. He shows subpar agility and explosion that hinders his ability to perform in quick and slide sets. He shows subpar initial quickness, as he slowly reacts to the snap. In the pass game, he is a great power rush defender and an average speed rush defender. His lengthy arms, good power, great punch, leverage allows him to subdue furious bull rushers. Against speed and countering rushers, his AA leads to less success. He tends to be beaten by bendy, quick loopers with potent, quick use of their hands. His latch ability is subpar and has inaccurate tendencies. Firstly, the latch is broken easily due to his hand size. Lastly, he tends to latch on the outside of a defender instead of the inside shoulder. In the run game, he is deployed sparingly by his coaches. He is a good power run blocker but AA led him to hardly being called upon to maul at the second level and in space. Limited to the more stagnant run block sets. He rarely was utilized as a puller. Moreso sliding in run pro sets. He does show sufficient sustain and subpar finish as his flexibility prevents him from getting low and nasty with his defender.

Scheme Fit:

LT at the next level.

Power Statement:

A good pass blocker and average run blocker with some freaky measurables. 

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