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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Alama Uluave, OC, San Diego State

Alama Uluave brings great athleticism and experience to the table as an NFL prospect. Hula Bowl scout Joel Titus breaks down Uluave in this article.
Alama Uluave brings great athleticism and experience to the table as an NFL prospect. Hula Bowl scout Joel Titus breaks down Uluave in this article.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Alama Uluave, #72
School (Code)CASS
DOB, Class Yr6-23-1999, 5SR
Height, Weight6015e, 306e
40 Yd Dash5.30e
Arms, Hands3158e, 0978e
Honors/Captainship2021 Honorable Mention All-Mountain West
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games WatchedOHTO, @UTUN, @IDBO
Scout Name / DateJoel Titus/10-9-22

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2022Started 6 games
2021Started all 14 games
2020All 8 games started as Center
201912/13 games, ST role
20187 games played, special teamer

Player Summary:

5SR. Poor height and average weight combination. Marginal arm length and average hand size. On the field, he showcases a repertoire of great athletic traits. Great AA. He displays great play speed, explosion, agility, balance, and twitch. Mentally and physically, he displays great competitiveness and toughness. He shows average play strength and size. Has a great collection of traits that leads to plenty of winning reps. In the pass, he shows great latch, flexibility, and leverage. The leverage he displays at his height is good and more than makes up for those shorter measurements. He shows good power, but he also staves off pass rushers with hand use, latch, flexibility, agility, and instincts. Against the speed rush, he is great. His hands are efficient and well placed. He keeps them on the inside, aiming at defenders’ chests. With the quality of hand usage and instincts he shows, he displays a great ability to counter defenders. He is a great technician. His counter is great, showing that he is capable of fending defenders off with concise hand use to redirect them. He shows average ability to deal with power rushers, displaying a tendency to lose his base against bull rushers. He shows average recovery ability and punch. In the run game, he is a mobile and smart run blocker. He shows rare sustain as he is always persistent and high energy with his blocks. He is a great power run defender, with his latch, good initial quickness, agility, and powerful hand use. He is a great puller, as he showcases deft footwork, agility, explosion, initial quicks, and powerful first contact/punch. His mobility as well allows him to be a great asset at second level. Just a great lead blocker for his running back. His instincts allow him to pick up LBs in the box easily. His finishing ability is average as he does not show much flourish but he gets the job done. Overall, he is an asset in both the run and pass offense. 

Scheme Fit:

Traits allow him to be useful as a Center in any offense but he excels in a zone blocking scheme.

Power Statement:

An undersized, technical, feisty Center that has an excellent collection of traits that allows him to be a great asset to his offense.

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