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NFL claims concussion protocols did not fail Tua Tagovailoa | Concussion Doctor wants someone to go to jail

NFL claims concussion protocols did not fail Tua Tagovailoa
NFL claims concussion protocols did not fail Tua Tagovailoa

We all watched the hit by Matt Milano that caused Tua Tagovailoa to almost fall over twice after getting up. His head rocked off the turf and he was definitely concussed during that incident. Well, the NFL claims that concussion protocols were followed and Tagovailoa passed.

The league office was confident in that message within hours of Miami’s win over Buffalo, and again Wednesday, when vice president of communications Jeff Miller reiterated it.

“Every indication from our perspective is that it was [followed],” Miller said of the protocols. “I know that the player, the coach and others have spoken to this.”

Well, last night it was ugly. Tua Tagovailoa suffered another head injury, let’s call it what it is. The former Alabama quarterback laid restless on the turf and his hands locked up after his head bounced off the ground.

Concussion specialist Chris Nowinski a former Harvard grad and a Doctor at Boston University went off.

Nowinski called the new injury a “disaster” and shared a message he’d posted before the game warning about the potential consequences if Tagovailoa was injured again.

“Fire the medical staffs and coaches. I predicted this and I hate that I am right. Two concussions in 5 days can kill someone. This can end careers. How are we so stupid in 2022, You guys should go to jail for letting him play 5 days after an obvious concussion you covered up. If he dies from second-impact syndrome, I’m pushing form [sic] murder charges.”

This is such a horrible incident. Please keep the Tagovailoa family in your prayers during this tough time.


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