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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Desjuan Johnson, DL, Toledo

Toledo's Desjuan Johnson is a big boy with  motor. Check out this scouting report by Hula Bowl scout Mike Bey.
Toledo’s Desjuan Johnson is a big boy with motor. Check out this scouting report by Hula Bowl scout Mike Bey.

Player Data

  • Name, Jersey #: Desjuan Johnson, #1
  • School (Code): OHTO
  • DOB, Class Yr: 9/2/99, 5th Yr SR
  • Height, Weight: 6023e, 285e
  • 40 Yd Dash: 5.04e
  • Arms, Hands: 3178, 968
  • Position/Depth: EDGE/DT/1st
  • Honors/Captainship: 2nd team All-MAC (2020,2021)
  • Season Viewed (yr): 2021
  • Games Watched: @INND, COST, ILNO, TNMI (Bowl)
  • Scout Name / Date: Mike Bey 9/5/22

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

  • 2022 1 GP, 1 GS, 7 Tkls, 3 TFL, .5 Sack
  • 2021 13 GP, 11 GS 70 Tkls, 12.5 TFL, 4.5 Sacks, 1 FR, 2 FF
  • 2020 6 GP 6 GS 27 Tkls, 8 TFL, 2.5 Sacks
  • 2019 11 GP, 32 Tkls, 7 TFL, 5 QBH, 1 Sack
  • 2018 11 GP, 17 Tkls, 1 Sack

Player Summary:

5th yr SR and 3 yr full-time starter as an EDGE and DT in the 4-2-5 and 3-3-5 Nickel defense of OHTO. A versatile player who lines up in 1T, 2i, 3T, 5T, and 7T. He has ordinary height, poor weight, and good speed for a DT with a lean, powerful build and poor length. He is a good athlete showing a combination of very good explosiveness, lateral quickness and agility, good acceleration with solid balance, COD, and good play speed. Against the pass, he uses his very good explosiveness to get off the ball quickly while playing at a good pad level. He shows solid UOH as he delivers an accurate well-timed punch or executes a swat and swim to shed the reach or base block from IOL with adequate play strength and UOH. He locates the ball carrier in the backfield and shows good closing speed in pursuit before making the tackle on RB with ordinary AA and play speed for a TFL. Against the pass, he fires off the ball quickly and exhibits solid hip and ankle flexion as he bends at the apex. He shows a good pass rush repertoire consisting of a bullrush, swat, and swim or rip before disengaging against IOL with subpar length, play strength, and physical toughness. He uses his good play speed in pursuit before finishing up with a sack or QBH. He displays very good lateral quickness and agility as he twists inside and outside. He is solid at countering if he is unable to win initially. He exhibits good motor as he plays until the whistle. He shows above-average competitive toughness both physically at the POA and mentally as he plays at a high level throughout the game. Poor length prevents him from disengaging quickly against OL with quality length, UOH, and play strength. Ordinary instincts prevent him from quickly reading run/pass consistently. On zone reads, he reads the mesh point too quickly and will often attack the incorrect player.

Scheme Fit:

3T in 4-3

Power Statement:

An explosive, athletic, versatile player who effectively uses his above-average AA and play speed to play well against the run and pass. Poor length and ordinary instincts prevent him from being more productive.


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