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Distraction Watson’s night is over going 1/5 for 7 yards on three possessions

Deshaun Watson aka Distraction Watson’s night is over in his first game in 586 days. The richest quarterback in the league would suit up and start for the Browns in their first preseason game of the year.

Watson was met with boos from the Jaguars fans.

The Jaguars only had like 40 percent of their stadium filled, but they made sure to give it to Watson. Watson would play on three drives and throw for 7 yards. On the first play Watson overthrew his receiver, and on the second play his starting center Nick Harris went down with a serious knee injury.

The Browns have a decision to make, they can keep giving Watson reps or give the back-ups reps. Josh Dobbs came in the game and drove down the field to score a touchdown immediately.

Maybe it is time the Browns focus on winning and not pleasing the owner who gave Watson too much money to begin with.


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