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Houston Texans are now being sued by the attorney representing Deshaun Watson’s victims

Just two weeks ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell declared that the league’s Deshaun Watson investigation was winding down, but man is it cranking up around in the media.

According to Jonathan Jones, Deshaun Watson’s victim’s attorney Tony Buzbee is suing the Houston Texans now.

Things are spiraling out of control for the NFL and the parties involved. The Cleveland Browns have a decision to make, the Houston Texans are now under the gun, and the NFL will have all eyes on them to uphold the rules.

Since last week, Watson has become the main target! A “Real Sports” report featuring interviews with two of Watson’s accusers, a fresh pair of lawsuits that brought Watson’s total pending litigation to 24 cases, and a New York Times report that comprehensively detailed claims of the quarterback’s behavior, as well as allegations against those who may have enabled it.

Then last night, the QB made his Twitter account private…..

I am not sure the NFL is going to be able to get out of this one. Deshaun Watson’s victims deserve justice, I hope they get a fair trial somewhere.


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