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The NFL Players Who Are the Smartest With Their Money

Marshawn Lynch becomes a minority owner in the Seattle Kraken, then drove the Zamboni
Marshawn Lynch becomes a minority owner in the Seattle Kraken, then drove the Zamboni

The top NFL players seem to have gained a fortune with their performance. However, we can’t say that this is the case with all of them. According to The Wall Street Journal, about 15% of them have undergone bankruptcy. If you keep up with the latest stories, you will know that most of them lose money due to a lavish lifestyle, partying, and not so wise investments. Even though many show off their flashy cars, some players do not show off their wealth. 

Marshawn Lynch

Known for his exceptional skills and talent, Lynch also has knowledge of managing money. It is believed that his performance borough earned him a staggering $56.8 million. And we are speaking of playing itself, not counting the sponsorship with major brands. Knowing that he partnered with big names such as Nike, Pepsi, and Microsoft, we can only imagine his fortune. Marshawn even has his own brand of clothing. He saves his money and hasn’t spent most of it, according to Business Insider. We bet you didn’t know that when considering the NFL odds

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins is considered to be very smart with his assets. In an interview, he stated that saving money is essential since you don’t know how long you will stay in the industry. Only if other players heard his wise words. He managed to stay away from lavish cars and drove his grandfather’s 16-year-old vehicle. 

In the same interview, he stated his preference for buying. According to Kirk, spending money on depreciating assets such as cars and yachts isn’t a wise financial decision. He and his wife didn’t splurge on one of those luxurious villas overlooking the sea. Instead, they lived in an in-law suite. With his wise actions, he managed to earn $140.6 million by the end of 2020. 

Glover Quin

According to BetUS, Quin is a well-ranked player. Although many colleagues spoke badly about his habits, referring to them as cheap, Quin disagrees. He is one of the players that didn’t get an expensive car and instead sticks to the 30/70 rule. According to this rule, he gets to spend only 30% of his salary and invests the rest in stocks. His smart investments earned him $21 million, proving that he knows what he is doing. He states that he focuses on his own goals rather than being distracted by the lavish lifestyle of his colleagues.

Jordy Nelson

Nelson grew up on a farm in Kansas, and he proudly speaks about his frugality. He stated that he liked to consume the team snacks instead of spending the money players receive to buy food when away from home. While this might sound too cheap, don’t forget that he managed to retire with $56.9 million.

Andrew Luck

After signing a large contract, Andrew proudly stated that the money wouldn’t change his spending habits. Partnering with big-name brands such as Nike and Panini made him millions. Also, he was known for using an old phone and not upgrading to a smartphone. Luck stated that this is because he wants to remain offline and not for the money.

Carl Nassib

Carl is known for his excellent money managing abilities. He stated that he spends $3500 per month on necessary expenses and sticks to only a couple hundred for luxuries. This player is one of the smartest with money, investing in index funds. Also, he invested in an electric vehicle to cut down on costs in the future. 

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