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Robert Smith changing his mind? Will the black billionaire make a bid on the Denver Broncos after all?

Robert F. Smith
Robert F. Smith could end up being the first black NFL owner. That would be great!

Robert Smith the black billionaire has changed his mind and is now considering making a bid for the Denver Broncos.

If Smith did in fact buy the Broncos he would become the first black owner of an NFL team. The NFL desperately needs a black owner.

You may remember Smith when he paid off the student loans of the entire 2019 graduating class in 2019.

The NFL has an owners meeting March 27 to March 30 at which the Broncos situation is sure to be discussed. According to NY Post, Smith has been dedicating much of his time to racial equality.

His Southern Communities Initiative, which aims to invest and raise money for improvements in six cities that represent half the black population: Atlanta; Birmingham, Alabama; Charlotte; Houston; Memphis; and New Orleans. That includes providing Internet service for low-income and minority households, and giving black-owned businesses access to capital.  

I hope Smith makes it happen, that would truly be amazing.


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