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Joe Burrow sends a message to Ravens head coach about running up the score

Joe Burrow wants a win
The Cincinnati Bengals recently drafted LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, and he is starting to take the NFL over by storm. He is already taking shots at his Division coaches.

Joe Burrow just became one of my favorites. After the game John Harbaugh was upset when the Bengals continued to put pressure on the Ravens the entire game. After the game he let their staff know he was not happy with them running up the score. Well Joe Burrow was asked by reporters about that situation and Joe Burrow said

“This is the NFL,” Burrow said. “This isn’t peewee, this isn’t high school where you go out and run up the score. You play until the final whistle. I don’t care what the score is. We’ve been in spots where teams go out and do that to us. They did it to us last year. No sympathy from me.”

The Ravens smashed the Bengals last year 27-3 and 38-3 last year so Burrow does have a point. At what point were the Ravens thinking about Burrow and the Bengals last year?

They weren’t, so I love that Joe Burrow put up 525 passing yards and that deep connection for 52 at the end of the game. If you do not like it, then stop them. Joe Burrow is a gangster for this quote!


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