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5 Best Quarterbacks in NFL in 2021

Josh Allen Bills Pro bowl voting snubbed
Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills are playing great football right now. Josh Allen is slowly becoming a top quarterback in the NFL.

American football is a traditional game enjoyed by young and old viewers. The National Football League (NFL) features professional players from all around the country. It has long been said that quarterback players are the most essential within the NFL because they tend to cover the most field area, and it is usually quarterbacks who play bigger roles with breaking records and setting standards for future players. Because of the increasing standard of players, betting odds have seen a lot of change over the recent years. Check out NFL money lines and spreads for more detail. These are the 5 best quarterback players in 2021. 

Aaron Rodgers

Currently on top of the leaderboard, Aaron Rodgers is a powerhouse within the Green Bay Packers. With an impressive record and a few decades with the NFL, Rodgers is definitely one of the best quarterbacks around. Consistently being named the most valuable player (MVP), it’s no surprise to see Rodgers coming out on top, and this year is panning out to be no exception. Rodgers is intense and strong, although there are some young players on the horizon that have the potential to knock him off the podium. The standard is immensely high, but these quarterbacks aren’t ones to stray away from hardship. 

Josh Allen

A young quarterback within the Buffalo Bills is Josh Allen, not to be confused with the other Josh Allen, who is a defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. 2020 saw a far more consistent play for Allen, who seems to be settling down after his college years. So far, the 2021 season has been going strong for the Bills, who seem to know when to use the quarterback and how to get the most out of him. 

Matthew Stafford

Having been traded to the Rams, Stafford seems to be coming into his own as he is number five on the current leaderboard. Although some have argued that the quarterback is past his prime, Stafford still shows potential and with continued training, he could see the luck of the Rams change. Stay tuned to see if Stafford continues to progress with the introduction of a new team this season. 

Lamar Jackson

This is not a player to waste any time, as Lamar Jackson was recruited for the Baltimore Ravens in college. The young quarterback is currently ranking at number two on the leaderboard and is only just beginning to enter his prime. From unanimous MVP awards to being the youngest NFL player to start a playoff game, Jackson is going from strength to strength. Definitely a future superstar player for the NFL. 

Kyler Murray

From high school to college football, Kyler Murray came into his own when playing as a quarterback on the pitch. Having won the Heisman Trophy, Murray was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2019. The young player isn’t one to stray away from a conflict, as he is a great all-round athlete, playing baseball competitively until 2019 as well. This year, Murray has already been named offensive player of the week by the National Football Conference (NFC). Murray is disciplined and motivated, so the NFL is bound to make a superstar player out of the quarterback. 

To summarize, there is a variety of different quarterbacks within the NFL varying in age, build, and mindset. One thing that unites them, however, is the willingness to face conflict head-on. American football has been known to make or break people, and it’s no wonder when you look at the types of personalities that are involved across players. Quarterbacks are and have always been an impressive standard and set the tone for the rest of the game. That is why the significance of quarterback players is not one that should be overshadowed. 

Whether players are aspiring to superstar status, record breaks or simply to prove themselves, the NFL remains a demonstration of determination and sportsmanship. Tune in to ESPN for the latest updates and progress reports. It doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for a certain player or team as a whole, it is easier and more convenient than ever before to check predictions and gains using the link above. 

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