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NFL Draft Diamonds Free Agent Interview: Marquez Johnson, Defensive Back

Marquez Johnson, Defensive Back
Marquez Johnson the aggressive and versatile free agent defensive back recently sat down with Justin Berendzen of NFL Draft Diamonds.

Hello, I am @jrberendzen on Twitter and this is one of my free agent interviews where I ask very deserving free agents questions about the players themselves and about what a team would get in these players. All of these players should get picked up by NFL, CFL, and XFL teams. Check out this amazing interview with Marquez and make sure you follow his journey on Social Media.

1.What do you think are the keys to success on the football field?

The film room, watching film and studying film taking what I see on the film and applying it. To practice against scout team. Just knowing your part and doing your 1/11th as we know and just do your job. 

2.What should we know about Marquez Johnson the person? 

I’m very humble but also hungry. I’m hard working and determined. I come to any program ready to learn the system or style of play and work hard until it’s my time to shine. 

3.How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?

God is my go too. Honestly I go by this Bible quote Joshua 1.9. No matter what I’m battling off or on the field even in my daily life I know god is right there with me by my side. So I know not fighting any battles alone. So god is my go too when it comes to fighting battles he’s forever with myself no matter what. 

4.If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

Jalen Hurts. Reason because I love how humble he is when he was at Alabama. Lost his starting QB job but still took leader in the QB room and helped out Tua. Even when he was starting and that says a lot about him as a person. Then he also gives back to the one that needs and I’m a big supporter of giving back to the needy so I would like to sit with him and learn about how he handles everything and still becomes one of best QBs to come out of Alabama. 

5.What sets you apart from other defensive backs?

I bring energy and vision and ball skills to the table also very versatile I can play more then one position on the field. Special teams is big role that I can play too. However I’m going to say it’s bigger then football too. I also love getting involved with the community and helping out others and giving back too. So that’s what sets me apart from a lot of defensive backs. 

6.What type of energy do you bring onto the football field?

I’m saying leadership and making sure all the guys are locked in but also enjoying the game of football. Cause at end of the day it’s football and you have to have fun with the game to enjoy it.

7.What are your favorite moments from your football life?

Oklahoma Panhandle State university played the national ranked #18 in NAIA Ottawa University of Arizona. I caught 2 picks 6 and had 14 tackles and 2 tackles for lost yards. With a 131 yards from 2 pick 6’s.  Got NAIA National player of the week and conference player of the week. Best college moment of my career. 

8.What are you hoping to achieve as a football player going forward?

Going pro somewhere whether it’s NFL, CFL or playing overseas or even AFL. Just looking for a opportunity since I’m free agent. Just wanna keep playing the game I love until I can’t anymore. So when it’s time to hang up the cleats. I love to look back and say I played pro football at its highest level be grateful for that opportunity and moment of playing. So I can be a coach and pass on the knowledge of the game to the youth that’s coming up next to help them to get to that pro level that they been dreaming about.  

9.What do you love about the game of football?

I’m going to say learning the game of football. It’s a never ending process. You learn something new everyday when you get inside a film room or on the field. Definitely if you talk with coaches that have been in coaching for years. So much knowledge you can learn from them to make your game or style of play even better so learning the knowledge of the game is what I love about football. 

10.What would a team get in a player like you?

A humble and hard working and dedicated player. That’s willing to learn anything from a defensive stand point or special teams stand point, or offense don’t really matter just wanna play my role and do my best while doing it. That’s willing to do his 1/11th as we know and do your job. Your part that’s given to you. 

11.What is your typical training routine?

5:30AM I’m up and praying to god giving him praise and glory. That I’m still here with an opportunity to keep doing what I love. Then I’m in the gym at 6:00 AM hitting upper body and lower body. After that I shower and eat breakfast and off to class at 9:00 AM. All classes ends around 1:00 PM. From there I go do speed training and field work like ladder drills and cone drills until 3:30PM then I’m showering heading to work. Start that whole process over again. 

12.What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

Growing up I watched football all my life. Seeing my brothers play all throughout high school and hearing my dad’s story of how he could’ve played at the University of Florida but he turned it down to take care of my mother since she was pregnant at the time and my grandmother was fighting cancer during that time to. It pushed me to wanna play. So I can finish off what he started cause he sacrificed alot for me to have the opportunity to play so I feel like it’s only right to pick up where he left off at. That’s what pushed me into getting into the game of football finished what he started is that drive for me to keep going. 

Damond Talbot

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