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Fantasy Football Injury News: Baker Mayfield has a torn labrum | Can he continue to play through it?

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Baker Mayfield is one of the NFL’s rising stars, and with these five small schoolers the Browns would be playoff material.

Baker Mayfield is not playing the best right now but there is a reason for that. The young quarterback suffered a torn labrum, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

According to RapSheet, baker does not need surgery as of now, but this is definitely something that he will need down the road. He is up for a huge contract extension soon as well. Is this injury hurting his money?

He doesn’t have the same credentials as Buffalo’s Josh Allen, who recently signed a six-year extension worth $43 million a year, or Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson, who will likely be in that same stratosphere when he signs.

Mayfield suffered the injury in Week 2 while making a tackle after an interception. Mayfield told reporters it is not an ideal situation but he is going to continue to fight through it.

“Obviously, not an ideal situation,”  he told reporters after that game. “Trying to force him back inside. I think he realized it was me standing right there so he put his head down and ran right after me. It kind of popped in and out, but I will be good. Nothing too serious.”

Baker is off to a slow start. The Bears are the only team with fewer touchdown passes than Cleveland. The Injury could be hurting him, but he is going to have to get through it if he wants that master pay day.


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