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2022 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Jordan Davis, DT, University of Georgia

Jordan Davis Georgia NFL Draft 2022
Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis is a massive man. The NT is one of the best defensive tackles in the 2022 NFL Draft.

By: Antoine Tshiyombo

  • Name: Jordan Davis
  • Position: IDL
  • College: Georgia 
  • Schools: Millard Creek High School, Georgia 
  • Jersey Number: #99
  • Hometown: Charlotte North Carolina 
  • Size: 6”6 340

Background: Full name is Jordan X Davis. Son of Shay Allen. Mother had him when she was 24 and raised him as a single parent. Making Jordan and his Mom extremely close with a special relationship. Started off as a basketball ball player in high school where he attended Hopewell high but transferred to a better basketball school on Mallard Creek. Where he started  playing football for the power house high school. Playing both offensive and defensive lineman. Committed to Georgia on November 11th 2017. As a 3 star recruit and the 424th player in the country was recruited by many schools to play offensive lineman. Lost his grandmother a few years back. Didn’t become a full time player n the line until his Sophomore season, Chose to return to school after many believe he would come out for the 2021 NFL draft. Stating he has unfinished business. Major in public relations. 

Personality: Not a big talker. Reserved when it comes to the media. Very business oriented guy takes his responsibility seriously. 

Red Flags: Has had a hard time maintaining his weight. If he can’t I worry about longevity. Elbow injury caused him to miss 4 games in 2020. Looked a little out of shape in 2020. 

Background Grade: 13/25


Scheme Usage: Played a lot of 3 technique on attacking as well as a two gab Nose. 

Wasn’t overly used in sub-Packages Georgia used a lot of amoeba where he was often subbed out. 

Has taken 749 Snaps 367 Run 382 Pass downs

  • Leverage: plays low for a man of his height. Gets tired and just starts standing straight up especially late. 9/13
  • First step: Can make that jump. Often jumps snaps. Not slow on the ball. 20/25
  • Hand usage: keeps his hands inside the chest. Powerful hands. He will use his hand to engage and can take pretty much anyone he wants where he wants. Extremely heavy hands 8/15
  • Speed to power: Refuses to get plunked. But won’t covert any speed to power. Just puts hands on you. 5/12
  • Pass rush moves: None existent. Is really there for one reason and it’s to Take up space. Only impact is to Laughs the pocket with a bull rush. 3/20
  • Balance: Doesn’t get moved and even if you get his hands on him he is never on the ground. 15 /15
  • Bend: Stands straight up. Doesn’t show little to no flexibility. 1/8
  • Tackle: improved on his tackling and doesn’t miss all do he had few chances in 2020 as a pose to 2019. 5/10
  • Run defense: Takes poor angles. But is a stone to move. Missed a tone of gap assignments. Takes on Two blocks. Frees up a lot of his teammates because of his ability to stack. 20/22

Film grade 86 /140

Projected Athletic Ability

  • Speed: Below average – 1/3
  • Strength: Above Average – 10/15
  • Lower Body explosiveness: Average – 5 /9
  • Agility: Below Average – 3/8

Projected Athletic Ability Grade – 19/35

First grade: 118/200 4th round grade/ First line back-up


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