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Rams safety Taylor Rapp is trying to #StopAsianHate, so he launched NFT to raise money

Taylor Rapp Rams NFT #StopAsianHate
Taylor Rapp the Rams former 2nd round pick is trying to help #StopAsianHate by auctioning off NFT to donate to the Go Fund Me.

I love this idea, but first I had to find out what an NFT was. It is a huge thing right now, so let me try to explain. An NFT is essentially a digital collectible built on a blockchain, oftentimes featuring a cool piece of art or video. Rapp is launching 6 digital collections on Thursday — and will auction off 90 total NFT’s.

The 23 year old safety though plans on donating back to #StopAsianHate. The Rams second round pick from 2019, is an Asian-American, and he is upset about the hate crimes breaking out around the country towards his people.

“I wanted to help my people, and what better way to raise money right now to donate than through creating an NFT collection and using my platform.”

Rapp says he will donate a “large chunk” of the auction proceeds to the #StopAsianHate GoFundMe page, which has already more than $4 million.

“I felt like it was a responsibility for me to go out there and do what I can using my platform and my name to try to help out my community and bring more awareness to what is going on right now.”.


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