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The NFL Draft and Its Rules- Here Is Everything You Need to Know

NFL Draft Rules
The NFL Draft has certain rules and regulations that must be followed year in and year out.

The National Football League is one of the most favorite sporting leagues in America and has a massive fan following. Sports enthusiasts wait with bated breath for the league to kick start every year and follow their favorites throughout the season. However, have you ever wondered how your favorites are picked and how they make through the elaborate rounds of the drafting process? The NFL Draft, an annual phenomenon, is a process that provides the teams with an opportunity to induct fresh talent into their rosters and help them make a mark with their performance. However, not all the players that are introduced to these teams are always able to perform well. While some of the players provide their teams with the much-needed boost, others do not.

The NFL Draft has grown both in size and popularity ever since it was first conceptualized, and fans of the league have also ventured into betting on the teams and the players through sites like The dog-eat-dog world of the NFL and the strife competition that dominate this domain, both external and internal, are factors that have led the league to keep altering the Draft and make room for all the changes in rules and regulations. This might seem like a painstaking and cumbersome process, and in all honesty, it truly is. However, to ensure that there is complete fairness in the league, it is mandatory that the Draft is altered and new rules are introduced.

The Rules and Process of the Draft:

To begin with, the entire process of the NFL Draft takes place over a period of three days, starting from Thursday and ending on Saturday, every spring. The first round of the process is held on a Thursday and starts at about 8 p.m.

Each of the teams has only 10 minutes to select its players. The second and third rounds of the Draft take place on Friday, and the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds are completed on Saturday. The teams must ensure that they have picked their players within their stipulated time lest the other teams might pick the same player giving rise to tension in the process.

Understanding the Trades in the NFL Draft:

Once the process of picking players is done, the teams are assigned their Draft positions. Once they are assigned the position, the clubs can then decide what they ought to do with these picks. They could either select the player for the team or trade the player with another team to enhance its position in the Drafts. Teams are free to negotiate before or after the Draft and swap their players to gain a favorable position in the Drafts.

For a successful trade to take place, both teams must call the head table and relay the same information regarding the trade. Once the information is passed on by both teams, the trade can be said to be complete.

Once the trade has been made and confirmed, a Player Personnel representative must furnish the details to the league’s broadcast partners and to all the clubs participating. For fans and the media to understand all that is transpiring, a league official must announce the details of the trade.

Zaire Mitchell Notre Dame College
Notre Dame College’s huge target at tight end, Zaire Mitchell is a player who we hope to see in the NFL Draft of 2021. Will he be eligible?

Criteria to be Eligible for the Draft:

Like every league and sporting event, the NFL too has several criteria that players must conform to, to be eligible for the Draft. Players must have finished high school for three years or more. They must also have exhausted their eligibility before the next football season. It is also important to note that players are eligible for the Draft only after they have come to the end of their college eligibility.

The Player Personnel staff must review the applications of the players to be able to make the right choices. Once the submissions are made and thoroughly reviewed, the players are chosen for the Draft, post which the process for the Draft, as we discussed in the first half of the article, takes place.

Wrapping Up:

The entire process of the NFL Draft is elaborate and cumbersome. It takes place over a number of days and witnesses several additions and removals of players. A successful Draft can improve a team’s standing in the league and change its trajectory forever. That is why the NFL pays so much importance to the entire process.

Teams always try their best to predict who shall perform the best and which player shall be able to deliver the best at their higher levels. However, all that said and done, it might not always be possible to make accurate predictions. Nevertheless, the process of the NFL Draft is an important process, and some of the most crucial calculations and trades take place here, enough to change the trajectory of the teams.


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