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In one of the lawsuits recently filed against Deshaun Watson one victim claims Watson is trying to settle the case

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Is Deshaun Watson contacting the massage therapists on Instagram? According to the Athletic, Watson has reached out to a therapist to try to settle the case.

This could be potentially damning news. According to the Athletic writer Aaron Reiss, in one of the lawsuits that dropped today, Deshaun Watson reportedly began to delete his IG messages and contacted women he had previously contacted in an attempt to settle his lawsuits. So far no evidence has been presented.

One of the suits involves a licensed massage therapist who said she gave Watson three massages, including at least one at his home. He came to her through the suggestion of a mutual friend, and during the sessions, he exposed himself and purposely touched her with his penis, she alleges in the lawsuit.

Attorney Tony Buzbee claimed on Friday that he had now filed 20 law suits against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Well today, 18 and 19 dropped. Buzbee claims he is evaluating 24 total claims.

Pro Football Talk made a great point, in their latest article saying that Watson will have to make a decision. Usually, civil lawsuits go to trial within 18 months to two years after filing. For Watson, one of the early strategic questions will be whether to try to consolidate all of the cases or defend each one separately.

And in the latest lawsuit, Buzbee claimed Watson is deleting Instagram messages and contacting some of the women in an attempt to settle.

“Plaintiffs have not brought these cases for money or attention; instead Plaintiffs seek a change in behavior with regard to Watson, and a change of culture in the NFL,” the 19th lawsuit reads.


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