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Body Cam Footage and audio released during domestic violence arrest of NFL player Chad Wheeler

Body Cam Footage of the Chad Wheeler arrest are now out. His girlfriend Alleah Taylor suffered major injuries during this attack.

Chad Wheeler was arrested on January 22nd after he massive 6’7 offensive lineman of the Seattle Seahawks abused his girlfriend.

In this body cam footage, You can hear Wheeler telling the girlfriend Alleah Taylor he loves her. That is moments after he beat her badly. Wheeler fights the police relentlessly. The three police officers do everything they can to try to stop him, but he puts up a hell of a fight.


“Put your f**king hands behind your back,” one officer screams at the 6’7″, 315-pound athlete … “If you don’t comply, you’re going to get hurt.”

“You’re gonna get f**kin’ tased if you don’t knock this s**t off right f**king now, you understand me?”

“You’re gonna get the f**k knocked out of you, so knock it the f**k off.”

They say Wheeler suffered a manic episode. He was tased and he was taken into custody.


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