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NFLHeads Draft Prospect Interview: Jeremy Bell, CB, University of Charleston

Jeremy Bell Charleston WV NFL Draft
With the NFL Draft quickly approaching, Jeremy Bell who had a great week at the CGS sat down with NFLHeads for this exclusive interview.

By: NFLHeads2020

    Today our staff had the opportunity to interview a very intriguing prospect from the University of Charleston, Jeremy Bell. My impression from Bell is that he has a great deal of maturity and patience regarding football, and I believe these qualities will make him a real asset for whatever team decides to select him.

What to you is the most fun part of football?

Bell referenced the training that goes into preparing for big games, he specifically talked about how leading up to games and seasons was very important to him and his team. Bell also talked about the bond that was made between teammates when preparing for seasons and games, and how much this built their team for the future, and built relationships.

What do you think sets you apart from other corners in the draft?

Bell regards his footwork to be in an alite category, and I think that the tape totally agrees with that. Bell also talked about his patience and his football IQ, being one of the smartest players on the field.

Was there an NFL athlete you have looked up to in your career?

Larry Fitzgerald was the first player that Bell talked about, he specifically mentioned not only his greatness, but his attitude off the field and how he was always very respectful, and a team player. Bell used to play wide receiver, and this is one of the reasons he regards Fitzgerald with high respect. From a playing standpoint, Bell mentioned Stephon Gilmore and Xavien Howard as being influences to how he plays, specifically mentioning their patience and football IQ.

If you have your choice of which team you could play for who would it be?

Bell said that he would play for any team, and that it is a blessing to be in the NFL in the first place, but Bell said that his favorite team growing up was the New England Patriots, and he would find it cool to play for them. Bell also said that his teammate, Kyle Dugger, was drafted by the Patriots, and that it would be a great experience to play with him professionally.

What is the most important part of being a player to you?

Bell specifically talked about the focus and mental toughness required to play football, he talked about how there is a balance in the sport that is very important to find. You have to balance school, social life, and family life, and this is one of the most important parts of football. 

What was the most impactful game you have ever played in?

Bell referenced an experience where they were playing a tough D1 team, and the experience of waiting overnight on a bus and really bonding with his team. 

What do you want to be remembered for in your career?

Bell wants to be remembered as the teammate who always gave 110%, always did what he could to help, and was a player and person who did everything he could do to lift everyone else up.


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