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2021 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Ezra Gray, RB, Alabama State

Ezra Gray is a speedy playmaker out of Alabama State. He recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Jimmy Williams.

William V. Campbell Academic Heisman Finalist
All-Conference (2x)
Coca Cola Magic City Classic Scholar Athlete of the Year (2x)
CoSida FCS First team All-American
FCS ADA Scholar Athlete of the Year
Alabama State Kickoff Return yards single season school record
Alabama State Kickoff Return average single season school record

Talk about your experience as a student. What is your major/minor? Did you participate in any other activities or campus organizations other than football?
Life as a student athlete at Alabama State has really helped me grow and mature not only on the field but off the field as a man. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and a degree in Computer Information Systems. I participated in the National Society of Leadership and Success.

What do your teammates say is your best quality?
My teammates say my best quality is my hustle and ability to adapt in any situation. When I have something on my radar to achieve, I won’t be denied.

What kind of role do you see yourself in on the team? What scheme and/or position suits your skill set?
I see myself in a leadership role on my team. Whether it’s leading by example with my play and work ethic, or providing teammates with advice and words of wisdom. The scheme that suits me the most is a spread out field. I’m at my best when I get the ball in my hands with plenty of space and opportunity, whether that is at RB or in the slot. Having played in 3 different offenses throughout my college career has helped me immensely. 

Who is the best player you have ever played against in college?
The best player I have ever played against during college would have to be Willie Quinn from Southern University. That man scored on us in just about every way possible.

Which one of your teammates impresses you the most?
My teammates that impress me the most would have to be a toss up between Donte’ Norris and Dontrey Manley. They both have unique skill sets that they bring to the game during drills and practice. I can’t wait for them to showcase their talents when they get their opportunity. 

Describe a time in your life when you were able to overcome a struggle.
A time in my life where I had to overcome a struggle was during my recruiting process in high school. I was always getting invited to camps and performing within the top percentile, but due to my smaller size at the time, many of the bigger power 5 schools would struggle to pull the trigger to offer me.

If you didn’t play football, what other sport would you play?
It would be hard to imagine myself not playing football but if I didn’t play football I would definitely be running track or trying to become an olympic weightlifter. In high school I ran a 10.5 100m dash and was top 10 in weightlifting at the Florida state championship.

What is something that you are most proud of? What would you say is your biggest achievement?
Something I’m most proud of would have to be my relationship with God. He’s really been with my every step of the way and with all the praises that come towards you during your success, it’s easy to forget who helped you get to this position in the first place.

Describe one of the most memorable plays of your collegiate career.
Picking the most memorable play of my collegiate career is definitely a tough one. I’m proud of  my 99 yard kickoff return touchdown vs Auburn, which was the first and only time they kicked it to me. I will also always remember when I scored the game winning touchdown in overtime against our rival school, Tuskegee University, in the first game of the season. 

Do you have a favorite athlete or professional team? Is there a player that you model your game after?
My favorite athletes would have to be my 2 brothers Enrique and Ethan Davis. I chose them because they are the most influential people in my life and have earned many accolades. My brother Enrique was a 5 star all-american coming out of high school and the number 2 running back in the nation, he ended up playing for the University of Mississippi. My other brother Ethan was a defensive back who took his talents to Troy University and spent some time playing for the Detroit Lions before heading to Canada to play pro ball over there before retiring.  

Who is your favorite music artist? What gets you pumped before a game?
It would be tough choosing one favorite music artist, but classic songs like “In the air tonight” by Phil Collins, always gets me going.

What is your favorite comfort food?
My favorite comfort food is potatoes; very versatile food.

Do you have a favorite movie, TV show or actor?
My favorite actor is Martin Lawrence. Anytime you see Martin making an appearance you know it’s going to be funny.

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies? Any secret talents?
In my spare time I like to explore new investment opportunities. If I’m not doing that, I like to go hunting and fishing with my dad.

Who or what motivates you the most?
My family motivates me the most. The thought of securing financial freedom for generations years to come really keeps me going. I want my family to be well off forever.

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