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BYU QB Zach Wilson’s teammates and coaches clap back after hateful criticism to their quarterback

BYU QB Zach Wilson NFL Draft 2021
BYU quarterback has become the hottest quarterback in college football. Someone is taking shots at the young BYU gunslinger but I talked to some NFL personnel who said it was false.

Zach Wilson the junior quarterback from BYU has been tearing it up all year and now that the season is coming to an end, guess what is happening? A so called anonymous NFC Director of College Scouting made a comment about Wilson saying some pretty vicious things.

Earlier last week, the website Walter Football quoted a director of college scouting for an NFC team who said he had learned from an unnamed source that Wilson had “character issues.”

“(Wilson) has character concerns, rich kid who is an entitled brat – uncle owns Jet Blue, parents are a pain, not a leader, selfish, and he’s a know-it-all,”

Well, this quote did not sit well with me, because I have heard some pretty amazing things already from people who played with Zach and his coaches. Many of his teammates took to Twitter to quickly defend their quarterback.

Coaching assistant Blair Peterson came quickly to his defense. Peterson works with Wilson every day.

Senior linebacker Isaiah Kaufusi also commented on the so called report.

Merrill Hoge’s son Beau asked the so-called NFC Director to put his name on it.

Wide Receivers Coach Fesi Sitake also made a good point.

Many will say that Zach Wilson has some character issues, but he has performed some pretty amazing things for kids and Make-A-Wish on the internet.

I reached out to several people to ask them about Zach. I wanted to know more about Zach so I did my own research. I talked with five scouts who all asked to remain anonymous who had different things to say about Wilson. None like that NFC Director stated.

1st West Coast Scout of AFC team

Zach Wilson is impressive, he has great arm strength, and pinpoint accuracy. His body of work is impressive, but I would have liked to see him play against some better competition. There are many more pros then cons, but everyone I talked to on campus about Zach said he is a good kid

2nd West Coast Scout of NFC team

Wilson is athletic and has a great arm. His arm strength is impressive, his coaches rave about him. Talked to some teammates about his character and they all pounded the table for him. Overall as a prospect, he is my third quarterback in this draft, he will be a first rounder even with the misinformation.

3rd Director of College Scouting AFC team

We are not in the market for a quarterback, but if we were, our west coast scout has him ranked higher than Fields. Wilson has an edge to him and is a competitor. That Coastal game pissed him off, and it should have. He is a natural athlete. He will be a starter for many years at the next level.

4th Assistant General Manager of a AFC team

I will be honest, I hope the team putting out bad information picks after us. If he falls to us, we will run to the podium. Zach Wilson has everything you want and is a gamer. He plays the game to win, you have to love his passion. He is a great person off the field and has a great family supporting him. I have not heard anything negative about him.

5th NFC Scouting Assistant for an AFC Team

I think someone is trying to make Wilson drop. Anytime you see a report with a bunch of negatives in one paragraph is someone trying to seriously attack a players character. Wilson is a good kid, and if his family is well-off that can be a good thing. At the end of the day can he quarterback at the next level? The answer is yes.

As you can see, many people are saying great things about Zach Wilson. Do not read too much into it, the media loves to attack character. Many teams will do this on purpose to drive down a players stock, so they can force a team in front of them to pass on the prospect. Pretty dirty game, but unfortunately it has been happening for years.


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