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Week 15 QB Index: Ryan Tannehill and Kyler Murray lead the way

Ryan Tannehill fantasy duds
Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been having a terrific season and this past week he was a beast.

By: NFL Heads

  1.  Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill showed up to play against the Lions. Of course, Derrick Henry did his thing, but with the passing attack that Tannehill was putting on makes this Titans team more dangerous. Tannehill has shown us that he can also run the ball effectively when he can’t pass. I expect the same production next week from Tannehill.

  1.  Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray had a career day against the Eagles. He had a career high 406 yards passing with 3 touchdowns and he added one on the ground. Murray is climbing up in the MVP race, maybe even to 3rd. If the Cardinals want to gain control of the NFC West, Murray needs to continue to play like this, which I believe he will.

  1.  Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson has done his part to destroy every team that has come in his way the past two weeks, and the Jaguars are not any exception. Jackson is once again utilizing both his running and passing abilities, and could very well lead the Ravens to a late playoff run.

  1.  Josh Allen

Allen passed for over 350 yards in the air, and had a pair of passing touchdowns, and a pair of rushing touchdowns. Allen has been extremely impressive this year, and just keeps improving week after week.

  1.  Tom Brady

Wow. Just when we all thought that Brady was washed, he steps on the gas pedal and makes a huge comeback against the Falcons, again. After having 0 points in the first half and being down by 17 points, Brady puts the team on his back and shows us that he has plenty left in the tank. 

  1.  Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes played amazing ball to pull out with a win against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, throwing for 254 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Mahomes continues to show greatness against good teams, and continues to build hope for the Chiefs making another Super Bowl run.

  1.  Baker Mayfield

This is the type of performance that the Browns were hoping of getting out of Mayfield when they drafted him. Baker is balling out and he has momentum on his side. This type of performance will definitely get the Browns to the playoffs and it may even get them deep in the playoffs. I can’t wait to see what Mayfield does down the stretch. 

  1.  Justin Herbert

Herbert did his part to save the Chargers in overtime against the Raiders, especially with Marcus Mariota playing so well. Herbert continues to solidify his Offensive Rookie of the Year claim, and it is clear that the Chargers landed a great player in the draft.

  1.  Deshaun Watson

For the first time in a few weeks Watson not only had a good running game, but a great passing game as well. Watson had 373 yards and two touchdowns, with no interceptions. In a better year with better players, Watson would be making a playoff push.

  1.  Jalen Hurts

Hurts had three in the air and one on the ground, further proving that Hurts starting over Wentz was a good idea. I have been a little concerned with the Jalen Hurts experience since the start, but this last week is a very good look for the young quarterback.

  1.  Matt Ryan

Oh my GOD I am so done with the Falcons blowing games, they and the Chargers have a fixation with lowing games that are well within their reach. At some point when the coach and the defense have experienced an overhaul, you have to question the quarterback. On the other hand, Ryan played an amazing game for three quarters and kept the Falcons in the game just long enough for them to get their hearts broken.

  1.  Philip Rivers

Rivers managed to lead a solid performance to beat a bad Houston Texans team on Sunday, but every week all I can think about is how washed Rivers is, and frankly how weird it is to see him in a Colts uniform. The whole Rivers experience has gone OK, but I personally have seen enough.

  1.  Aaron Rodgers

By all rights, the Packers and Rodgers especially should have destroyed this terrible Panthers defense, but he only had one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown. Luckily he had no picks, and the Packers still came away with a win, but he could have played much better.

  1.  Drew Brees

Drew Brees came very close to beating the best team in the NFL in his first game back from injury, but in the end he still threw a nasty pick and the Saints ended up falling 29-32 to fall to 10-4. While it seems unlikely that Brees can lead the Saints to the Super Bowl, there is always a chance.

  1.  Russell Wilson

121 yards? An interception? 20-15 against Washington?? Wilson was not very good against what is a mediocre Washington team, and if he wants to keep the Seahawks Super Bowl hopes alive he has to start carrying this team on his back.

  1.  Marcus Mariota

Don’t let Mariota’s box score fool you, Mariota played great football in the absence of Derek Carr, but let’s calm down on Mariota making a Tannehill like comeback, Mariota’s ceiling is not as high as Tannehill’s is, and he and Carr are on too much of a similar level.

  1.  Tua Tagovailoa

Tua may not have had a stellar passing game, but had himself a nice game on the ground with a pair of rushing touchdowns. Flores is doing wonders to make the Dolphins competitive, and Tua is showing great potential. 

  1. Mitchell Trubisky

Mitch is not playing nearly as badly as he has in the past, but he still has plenty of room for improvement. Let’s just not make sure we are overreacting to some slightly above average play.

  1.  Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton did what he needed to do to destroy the 49ers, who have to be one of the most unlucky teams of the past five years. The Cowboys desperately needed this game, and so did Dalton.

  1.  Kirk Cousins

Cousins had himself an OK night against the Bears, but Cousins was not able to rally the Vikes to beat the Bears, even with Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen playing at such a high level. I say it every week, but Cousins needs to be gone next year, he is a progress stopper.

  1.  Gardner Minshew II

Minshew is not necessarily the problem in these Jaguars losses, but Jacksonville still fell by 26 points, and frankly had no chance of staying in the game against the Baltimore Ravens.

  1.  Matthew Stafford

250 yards and a touchdown was definitely not enough to beat Tannehill and Derrick Henry on a monster performance. I do not necessarily blame Stafford given how much of a mess the Lions currently are, but Stafford desperately needs a dominant year where he can make a push.

  1.  Sam Darnold

THE JETS WON. Hey they suck, but they still won! Darnold is having one of the statistically worst seasons out of any starting quarterback, but this is a game where he did not do so badly. As much as it has messed with their draft order, I think it is nice to have a win to look at.

  1.  Jared Goff

Losing to the New York Jets, not a good look. As much as I like the Rams as a potential playoff team of the future, and maybe even a future Super Bowl team, Goff has had a few embarrassing performances, including last week.

  1.  Nick Mullens

Mullens is only human, what more can you expect from an undrafted rookie from a few years ago, if he wasn’t playing for one of the best coaches in NFL history he probably would have circulated through roughly eight or nine teams by now. Nonetheless, Mullens fell to the Cowboys, and threw two picks in the process.

  1.  Ryan Finley

Before all you Bengals fans start cheering about Finley being a God among quarterbacks, most of the Bengals points came off of turnovers and the Steelers happen to be missing a couple defensive pieces.

  1.  Ben Roethlisberger

The Steelers are tanking hard, and Big Ben is not helping matters at all. Ben Roethlisberger is having problems playing with receivers that can TikTok better than they can catch, and I don’t blame him.

  1.  Cam Newton

Newton just does not do crap any more, what do we have to do to get a rise out of his passing game, or even the rushing game these days. Newton’s case for becoming a starter again is fast disappearing, I would be very surprised if we see him in the driver’s seat again

  1.  Dwayne Haskins

Haskins is torpedoing the Washington Football Team’s chances of winning the awful NFC East, throwing a pair of picks against Seattle of all teams. If Washington still had Kyle Allen or Alex Smith they would be ahead in the East, and might even have a chance at a winning record.

  1.  Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater is simply not doing enough, right now I see Teddy Bridgewater as somewhat of a poor man’s Alex Smith (That is Smith from about 2016). Bridgewater is a game manager, and could have great success as an above average backup, but I do not see him as the future.

  1. Drew Lock

Lock did nothing to help rally the Broncos to beat a Bills team that is simply too dominant to be stopped, especially to a middling quarterback like Lock. I believe the jury is still out on whether Lock can be the franchise star, and I think with another year he could become a franchise quarterback. 

  1. Colt McCoy

No touchdowns, no picks, six points. The Giants simply do not have enough going on to make any reasonable playoff push. To McCoy’s credit, I have no idea how Colt has been able to stay healthy through all these games.


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