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Draft Buzz Interview: Catching up with Oklahoma State WR Dee Anderson

Dee Anderson Oklahom State NFL Draft
Oklahoma State wide receiver Dee Anderson recently sat down with Jon-Michael Salter of NFL Draft Diamonds.

The draft buzz on Oklahoma State wideout Dee Anderson starts and ends with one word, Potential! Anderson is blessed with great size, standing at 6’6 and weighing 230 pounds. He has great hands and raw speed. Anderson is like a Madden Create-A-Player for his position. I had the opportunity to sit with the former LSU product and pick his brain. I asked him about his college career, the stresses of playing in the power five, and tried to find out who he is off the field.

“I feel my college career has not gone the way I expected. I had big dreams when I first landed at LSU. For one reason or another, it hasn’t happened yet. But honestly, I know I have the skill-set and drive to be a guy my team can lean on. My teammates know I will come down with the ball in a big moment. I know things haven’t gone the way I wanted them to go so far, but it is all God’s plan. I will keep grinding to do what I can to get to where I want to be. Away from football, I am pretty chilled. I am a family guy who has been blessed with great people around me. I’m always thinking football so even away from the game, I have it in the back of my mind. Like I said I want to be the best version of me, so I need to keep my focus on it.”  

Moving forward, Anderson spoke about the pressure and stress of playing at a power five school?

“When you sign up to play in the Power 5, you are already a different breed. You’re built differently. I played at LSU, and after playing in the SEC, I learned about the stresses of playing in the SEC. Playing at LSU, those fans love the team. They love the Tigers, so you have to show out. You have to come out and ball every week. Moving to Oklahoma State, I feel like I was ready to play at another big-time school. The fans at OSU are dedicated as well, and they care about this team. So you have to bring it here as well. But as far as pressure, I honestly don’t feel any. As long as you are doing your job and you’re working your tail off, you shouldn’t stress about it. You have to keep your focus on what you can control.”

Before reaching to the athletes, I like to do a film break down with a scouting source. So I can get their take on the prospect I am interviewing. With that said, I asked my scouting source on Dee Anderson’s Draft Buzz and his take on the big and physical wide receiver.

“You aren’t asking me this, but I feel Dee should take advantage of the COVID-19 extra year. I think that would help him. Oklahoma State is losing some bigger name prospects, and he has a chance to be the guy. The kid has everything you want in a wideout. He’s a big, strong, fast, talented player who is not afraid to block. He also understands being a winner. Believe it or not that matters, because it is not easy to consistently win. He has the mindset I like in a player, and his size helps separate him as a prospect. He has coachable issues, and that is the kind of issue I like. You can fix that. I think if he comes back for another year he can be a star. He has all the things you want in a guy.”

When you watch the film on Dee Anderson, you come away wanting more. But you also see the potential he brings to a team. A guy his size will always be coveted. Add in his skill set, and amazing personality, and you have a legit prospect. Give it time to land more reps, and he has the potential to be a true star.


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