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Draft Buzz Interview: Catching up with Michigan CB Ambry Thomas

Ambry Thomas Michigan Draft Buzz Interview
Jon-Michael Salter recently sat down with Michigan standout Ambry Thomas. Check out this exclusive interview only on Draft Diamonds.

Ambry Thomas has always found a way to beat the odds. Even when he spent a month in the hospital diagnosed with colitis and lost approximately 35 pounds, he still found a way to bounce back. Thomas missed almost all of the offseason a year ago. Ambry was able to return to his team, a man on a mission. Thomas is now one of the most underrated corners in all of college football. I had the pleasure of speaking with the 2021 draft prospect, in which we talked about his health? We also talked about being underrated and his style of play on the football field?

Before we talked, I reached out to a scouting source to get his take on the rising star?

“In football, guys that have a swagger to them always stand out on the field. To me, Thomas has all the swagger needed. I love the kid’s style of play. He is aggressive and always ready to mix it up. He is not a guy who will shy away from a fight. Not that he is looking to be a fighter, but he can stand in and make a play. I like that about him. His stats will not blow you away, but you will like what you see. For me, I like his tape, a little more than some of the other guys I have spoken about. He can play man very well. I also think he can help against the run game. He is ok in the zone, but I like him up in a guy’s face better. I think he can move around on defense. Used in different spots. He can play nickel, dime, maybe some safety. I think he can make an impact in several places on the field. We knew he had that stomach issue a while back, but he bounced right back and he did great. He is a tough guy, from Detroit. They are built differently and I think he has that fighter mentality, going back to what I said earlier. So yeah, I like his play and his presence on the field.” 

When you watch the film on Thomas, his aggressive style sticks out. His ability to make a quarterback play his game. He is good at forcing re-routes. His nose for the ball and eye discipline also stick out. Still, with all the talent he displays on film, he has been a bit of an underrated prospect. I asked Thomas why he thought that was? As well as his current health?

“As far as my health, let me say this, I stayed almost a month in the hospital, lost a bunch of weight, and still came back and played. I always want to be better and do better, but I did well after being so sick for so long. I want to make it clear that I am very healthy. I want to make that clear. I am a fighter, and I fought through that time and that stomach issue. I am good to go now. As far as being underrated? I don’t pay any of that any mind. I stay the course and keep grinding. There is still a lot I can do. I want to be the best, and the only way I am going to do that is to keep my head down and grind. I can’t sit here focusing on what everybody else is saying or isn’t saying. I know when it is my time to shine, I will show my butt off. I know who I am as a man. I know the kind of heart I have and the skill I have. I am just scratching the surface, and without trying to sound cocky, I know I am one of the best corners in college ball. My focus is proving to myself how good I can be. I want to keep my mind on what is In front of me. God willing, I will be on a roster this coming season.”

Immediately speaking with Thomas, I could feel his positive energy, which in turn had me pumped up. While his film is impressive, his personality stood out two-fold. Moving forward, I asked Thomas about the man away from the field?

“Right now, my mind is all football. I eat and sleep the game. I miss it and miss being on the field with my brothers battling. But as far as who I am? I am a family man and a high-energy guy. I feel like my smile can be contagious. So you will always see me with a smile. Or a positive flow to me. I can only deal with what I can control, so why stress on all the other stuff? That is where I am with it all. I am pretty simple. I put the people I love around me first, and I am happy. As long as they are happy and healthy, I am good. I want to ensure my people are good, and I want to keep my focus. Simple.” 

Turn on the film and watch the kid play. He is a hell of a player. His skill-set will be a great addition to any NFL team. His personality will have you running through walls. Ambry Thomas has that “IT” factor that all NFL coaches seem to covet. For me, he is one of the best in this year’s draft. Hopefully, soon you will all see what I do.


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