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South Carolina high school football player is being charged for murdering a kid then playing in his game

Kenlarris Kelly Darlington
Darlington High School linebacker/defensive end Kenlarris Kelly is facing life in prison for attempted murder of another teen.

Wow, you cannot make this stuff up. This week in Darlington, South Carolina police arrested Kenlarris Kelly for the shooting death of another teenager.

The shooting reportedly happened on Thursday Night.

Police say that Kelly went on to play in the football game later that evening.

Police arrested Kelly Tuesday and charged him with 18 year old Jameke Parker’s murder and attempted murder.

Kelly is currently at the W. Glenn Detention Center where it also lists that he faces an attempted murder charge.

The saddest part of this situation is two teenagers lost their lives. It is sickening that Kelly went on to play in his football game like he did not do anything. So sad. we at NFL Draft Diamonds are praying for the family of Jameke. Rest in Peace Jameke.

Kenlarris was a good defensive lineman, you can watch his film here below. He was a senior. There were two people reportedly at the scene, Kelly tried shooting them both but one was able to get away.


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