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Former Hardin-Simmons football player Jonathan Price was shot and killed by police in Texas

Jonathan Price
Several months after saying he never had a run in with police, Jonathan Price was shot and killed by a police officer.

Jonathan Price was shot and killed in Wolfe City, Texas according to reports. Price was a standout football player for Hardin-Simmons University. Police reportedly shot and killed Price after her intervened in a domestic situation at a gas station.

An argument reportedly broke out inside a gas station between a couple. Price tried to break up the fight according to the reports.

The fight moved from inside the convenient store to outside the store, when police arrived Price was shot.

Civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt also posted about Price’s death. He said he had spoken to the man’s family. 

“When police arrived, I’m told, he raised his hands and attempted to explain what was going on,” Merritt wrote on Facebook. “Police fired tasers at him and when his body convulsed from the electrical current, they ‘perceived a threat’ and shot him to death.” 

Jonathan Price was a young unarmed black man, and the worst part is he actually posted on his Facebook back in June that he had never had a run-in with the police.

“There were times I should have been detained for speeding, outstanding citations, outdated registration, dozing off at a red light before making it to my garage downtown Dallas after a lonnng night out,” Price said. “I’ve passed a sobriety test after leaving a bar in Wylie, Texas by 2 white cops and still let me drive to where I was headed, and by the way they consider Wylie, Texas to be VERY racist. I’ve never got that kind of ENERGY from the po-po.”

“Not saying black lives don’t matter, but don’t forget about your own, or your experiences through growth / ‘waking up,’” said Price.

This is so sad, The officer is reportedly a white officer as well according to sources close to the situation.

At this point we need to pray for Jonathan Price’s family. NFL Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot and staff would like to send our condolences to the family of Jonathan Price. Price played for Hardin-Simmons University and had some good games running the ball. He was only 31 years old. This is such a tragic incident. He was just trying to stop a fight between two people. So sad.


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