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If the Tennessee Titans cannot play this week the NFL should make them forfeit

Tennessee Titans forfeit
Tennessee Titans should be force to forfeit if they cannot go this week against the Bills. That is the fair thing to do. Will the NFL do that?

I am sorry, I do not know what is going on in Tennessee, but at this point the NFL is in jeopardy because of one team. I know my twitter will blow up after this post, but let’s be real here, the NFL is already adjusting their schedule to help the Titans.

The Titans have 20 staff/players infected at this point. They are supposed to play the Bills on Sunday, but they cannot even practice. The NFL has already made adjustments to their schedule to benefit the Titans, when is enough? If the Titans cannot go two weeks in a row, then the Titans should have to take an L.

I do not care if you get upset this is the only fair way to deal with the situation. Let’s be honest here, these guys are getting infected, and you want to keep the league going. If your players cannot take the neccessary precautions then you should be punished not the entire league.

This week the Bills play the Titans on Sunday, then have a Thursday Night game against the Chiefs. If they push the Bills/Titans game back to Monday or Tuesday, then the Bills would be forced to prepare for 2 days against the league’s best team. That is insane.

So everyone else gets punished because the Titans? Eric Ebron was pissed because his bye week has already changed. He had birthday plans with his son but because the Titans had the outbreak, he cannot have a birthday for his son. The league has to step up.

They have to come in and go hard. Investigate the Titans and make sure the Patriots outbreak is contained. They now have three players sick. Get it under control before 20 are infected there too.

What do you think? Should the Titans have to take an L if they cannot stay healthy? I think they should.


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