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NFL punishes Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers for Titans inability to follow rules

Steelers Bills screwed by NFL
This week the NFL makes another move to benefit the Tennessee Titans. Who ends up losing out? The Bills and Steelers.

I believe that rules are put in place for a reason. The NFL and NFLPA had agreed-upon rules so the players could kick-off and start a season.

The NFL is now in week 5, and it all started before week 4 began. The Tennessee Titans began having player outbreaks of COVID-19 directly after the Minnesota Vikings game. It was strange because multiple players tested positive for the coronavirus.

The NFL was hoping to get it under control, so they told the Tennessee Titans on September 29th to stop all activities together. Shut down the facility, social distance, and let’s get the disease under control. They told the team and the players to stay away from one another.

The next day, the Titans failed to comply. As a matter of fact, they held practice with one another. They held multiple practices according to Paul Kuharsky a Titans long-time beat reporter. The Titans could not play the Steelers, so the NFL decided they would move a game to help the Titans since the outbreak was getting out of hand. They wanted the team to quarantine to get it under control. So the Steelers agreed to switch their bye week to accommodate the Titans. The NFL made the change. The Steelers were forced to take a Bye week this past week. Not something they were planning on, but it had to happen because the NFL said so.

Well, let’s fast forward. The Tennessee Titans obviously have not stopped living their lives They are obviously not quarantining, because they now have a record 23 players/coaches who have tested positive for coronavirus. This morning, two more players tested positive putting the Bills and Titans game in jeopardy. The crazy thing is the Bills biggest game of the year was scheduled for Thursday night of next week. Josh Allen playing Patrick Mahomes on Primetime. A game America deserved. Well, today the NFL made a decision.

The NFL made the decision tonight to move the Bills game back to Tuesday Night at 7 pm. So now the Titans and Bills are scheduled to play a primetime game against the Titans not the Chiefs on Tuesday at 7 pm. The sad part is that the amazing game between Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen is getting switched to Sunday. The Bills and Chiefs will no longer play on Primetime.

So here is my question, the Titans failed to do what they were asked. They were told to stay away from one another. They were told to social distance. They were told to quarantine. What happened though? The Titans did what they wanted. They did not take the protocols seriously. They did not care if they worked out as a team. They did not act like professionals. They acted childishly and put the rest of the league in jeopardy. And what happened?

The Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers were screwed. Two teams, that have zero positive COVID-19 tests who have followed protocols to the T. They did everything the NFL asked, and who is punished? The people doing right get punished. How is that right?

I want to know your opinion, what do you think the NFL should do?


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