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Three WHAT THE F#$* plays of Week 3; What are you doing?

D.K. Metcalf Week 3
What are you doing D.K. Metcalf? Oh my you crushed my fantasy football team this week. I thought for sure I was going to get a touchdown.

This week of football has been insane. I wanted to show five crazy plays that you can just shake your head at. It is great to have football back, but I am telling you this is a wild season already. Today, these plays made me shake my head.

1.) D.K. Metcalf – What are you doing bro, you are my fantasy football wide receiver, and I just landed a nice 61 yard play, but all you had to do is finish the play. Instead, the ball is knocked out and I get 1 reception, 61 yards and a fumble. SMH

2.) Eagles and Doug Pederson – I cannot even find a video, that is how horrible it was. I mean look at his excuse. How and the hell are you going to punt the ball and not go for it when you are already 0-2. You showed me today you are not concerned about winning. This is horrible.


3.) The Refs blowing the Rams/Bills game – The Rams and Bills refs were straight doo doo today. I mean they called this play an interception when Tyler Kroft clearly came down with the ball and then they fought for it. Kroft even came away with the ball at the end. This led the Rams huge charge, and they clapped all the way back.


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