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Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Preview

Josh Allen MVP
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen hs 40/1 MVP odds in 2020. Can the former Wyoming QB lead the Bills to the playoffs again?

By Craig Forrestal

The Buffalo Bills are sitting in a position to becomes the new kings of the AFC East. They added a big-time WR for Josh Allen and the running game continues to get stronger by adding Zack Moss to the mix. The defense is elite and nothing is standing in the way of the Bills to take the crown from New England and become the new bully on the block.



  • Week 1: Jets
  • Week 2: @ Dolphins
  • Week 3: Rams
  • Week 4: @ Raiders
  • Week 5: @ Titans
  • Week 6: Chiefs
  • Week 7: @ Jets
  • Week 8: Patriots
  • Week 9: Seahawks
  • Week 10: @ Cardinals
  • Week 11: Bye
  • Week 12: Chargers
  • Week 13: @ Steelers
  • Week 14: 49ers
  • Week 15: @ Broncos
  • Week 16: @ Patriots
  • Week 17: Dolphins

Players To Know

  • Josh Allen-QB: Josh Allen might be one of the safest fantasy QBs on a week-to-week basis because of his rushing dynamic but he is still developing as a passer and that is the part that limits his true fantasy upside. The Bills are a run-heavy team and that limits his passing attempts as well. Allen is a beast near the end zone as he has totaled 17 rushing TDs in 2 seasons. If Buffalo opens up the offense this season he could be a fantasy darling. I like Allen but understand what you are getting. There will be some boom/bust games with him. 3800 passing yards and 25 TDs. 550 rushing yards and 6 TDs.
  • Devin Singletary-RB: Do you want to know who was my pick for the guy to finish as RB1 overall this season that isn’t a name like CMC, Zeke, Alvin Kamara and so on before the draft? Devin Singletary. While now unlikely, here is my thought process he plays in an offense committed to the run and in the second half of last season he was on pace for 300+ carries over a full season. Singletary is a phenomenal talent but the team selected Zack Moss who is expected to function in the Frank Gore role. So that levels expectations. That speaks to the ability of Singletary but in what could very well be a 50-50 split his season-long output is locked in at RB2 territory. 850 rushing yards and 3 TDs.
  • Zack Moss-RB: There is a huge chance that he makes a living near the goal-line as the Bills RBs only accounted for 4 rushing TDs last season. While Josh Allen is a rushing threat and steals goal-line scores Moss has a chance to knock out a role as a nice FLEX play due to him walking into the Frank Gore role and the opportunity for TDs. I say he could get the goal-line looks because at some point you need to prolong the NFL life of Josh Allen and back off the gas. We saw how Cam Newton had his body abandon him last season and Josh Allen is very similar to Cam in my opinion in terms of physical size and play style. This all leads to the man who scored 38 rushing TDs in college. 725 rushing yards and 7 TDs.
  • Stefon Diggs-WR: Can you imagine what Diggs will do with true WR1 targets now that he isn’t splitting looks with Adam Thielen? This could be a huge year for Diggs. John Brown was fantastic in the role going over 1000 yards receiving. Diggs is more talented than Brown so he could breakout. 80 receptions for 1200 yards and 7 TDs.
  • John Brown-WR: Brown will still factor in the weekly plans but he will be the clear #2 to Diggs. Brown will fluctuate in week-to-week productions but as a WR3/FLEX option, he could he win you a week or two by himself with his big playability. 65 catches for 925 yards and 5 TDs.
  • Cole Beasley-WR: This is a run-based team and even though Beasley was much better last season than people realize it will be a nearly impossible task to repeat. Beasley is best left off the fantasy radar until an injury appears.
  • Dawson Knox-TE: Knox was a hit in the fantasy community last season as you can jumble the letters in his name to make the words ‘Dank Snow Ox’ which was a fairly popular team name in 2019. Outside of that his fantasy relevance is limited as he is near the bottom of the Buffalo Bills passing totem pole.


This is one of the best defenses in the NFL but the lack of TDs knocks them out of the TOp 5 fantasy defenses. They have 1 total special teams or defensive TD over the last 2 seasons. You should expect to see some TDs come there way eventually and those TDs are the only thing preventing them from being a Top 5 defense and that is the worst-case scenario.

Potential Breakout Player

  • Stefon Diggs-WR

Rookie To Know

  • Zack Moss-RB

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