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Did the Buffalo Bills draft Josh Allen to manage a football game or take it over?

Why don’t the Bills coaches trust the kid they drafted in the first round? Stop babying him and let him sling the damn rock down the field.

I am a die hard football fan, and to be honest with you after today’s game where the Bills fell short to the Cleveland Browns, I have to ask one question. I always go on little Twitter Rants about my football team because to be honest, I feel they are better than they perform. So I asked this question tonight and I was crushed. My question was, Did the Buffalo Bills draft Josh Allen to manage football games or to be their franchise guy?

I was crushed by the BillsMafia, they called me a fake fan, they told me I know nothing, shoot I had one guy try to tell me the refs screwed the Bills because Jerry Hughes touchdown was not a pass (WOW).

Well, let me explain why I get so frustrated. Week in and week out the Buffalo Bills defense comes and shows out. I mean today they had 11 plays from within the five yard line and allowed 3 points. Are you kidding me? The defense is not the issue, the issue is the offensive coordinator either does not trust what he has or the team just really sucks on offense.

Let’s explain. The Bills have not had a 300 yard passer in almost 40 games now, yes, 40! Today Josh Allen threw the ball 41 times and finished with 266. He also ran the ball 6 times. That was more than their starting running back Frank Gore. The Bills also had moved the ball pretty well, minus Stephen Hauschka, which we will not talk about because he could be blamed for this loss.

The Bills need to find their indentity on offense, and I am not sure Brian Daboll is the guy that can do that. Here is why: When the Buffalo Bills selected Josh Allen in the first round they took him because he was big, strong, athletic and had a cannon. They fell in love because of his demeanor, as a human being the guy is a leader. He is a good kid, I mean he is what you would want a Franchise quarterback to be, and let’s be real he has led the Bills to a few big wins over the past couple years. He is great in the fourth quarter, but why does he just crank it up in the fourth quarter when the Bills are behind? Why is he not cranking it up when they have the lead?

The Bills drafted him to throw the ball deep, let’s face it they bragged to us over the past two years about his arm strength but the guy takes one deep ball a game. He usually throws it too far, and does not have accuracy on his deep balls, but he can draw a penalty like he did today that moved the chains 40 yards. That is a huge gain if you ask me, but what do I know.

Anyways, let me get to my point. The Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator does not trust Josh Allen. He also does not trust his running backs. He also does not know how to manage a football game. He is super conservative, and he has never tried to go for a team’s jugglar. I have a problem with this, because I do not want to win close games. I want to blow teams out. The Bills defense has shut teams down, but the Bills offense is pathetic.

They go series, after series doing the same plays. They run the ball, run it again, pass it on a bad looking play then punt it. This team reminds me of Dick Jauron’s. The Bills fans hated it, but let me keep going. Last week the Buffalo Bills were able to get a win because they gave their rookie running back Devin Singletary the ball. He was abusing the Redskins. Shoot he finished with 140 all purpose yards. The guy was a freak, and I thought we were starting to turn the page in the running game, because let’s face it we have not had a running game this year. Well today, our rookie running back was on fire again. He had 8 carries for 40 plus yards and averaged 5.1 yards a carry, yet he only ran the ball 8 times. The Bills instead called Josh Allen’s number 6 times, and even called Patrick Dimarco’s number, on the first drive?

Then let’s go to the passing game, Cole Beasley is not being used correctly. He is the Buffalo Bills best wide receiver, it is not close, yet he only sees the ball 6 times in a game. John Brown gets more passes his way and while he has hit 50 yards the past 8 games of the year, why the hell are we not getting Cole Beasley the ball? Cole Beasley was targeted 6 times today, he caught 4 of them and rumbled for 74 yards. On one play he had 13 yards of separation at the line of scrimmage, he straight Stevie Johnson cross overed a kid. Yet, he gets the ball thrown at his 6 times. The Bills however threw the ball at Andre Roberts three times. I am sorry, but Andre Roberts should not be on the field as a wide reciever. This is horrible coaching. You cannot justify this, I am sorry. He is a return man, and unless you are running the ball to him, he should not be on the field. The Bills second leading receiver last year caught his first ball today in week 10. Yes, Robert Foster had one target, he caught it and picked up a huge first down. It was a 20 yard gain. The Bills made Duke Williams inactive, and let’s face it the Bills need weapons .

The Bills also struggled on the offensive line. Were they great? Hell No, but they were not horrible either. Allen had time to deliver the ball, but my problem is this, why did we abandoned the run? Why are we not a balanced football team. We have not been balanced all year. There have been several games this year, that Josh Allen had 250 yards at halftime passing the ball, and they ended up running the ball the entire second half.

I had a fan contact me today and say maybe the Bills are saving their playbook and learning how to win playoff football. Well let me tell you something, they lost a game today they should have won, if that was the case. That is a stupid idea.

The Buffalo Bills have the Dolphins next, who are on a two game winning streak. The Bills had two weeks to prepare for them the first game of the year and it was in Buffalo and they damn near lost. The Bills will probably get beat again. I am starting to lose faith. Until this offensive coordinator trusts this damn team and executes by blowing out an opponent, I am picking this team to lose.

I am sorry, you will crucify anyone who mentions the name Tyrod Taylor, but what was he? A game manager, right? That is all you have right now in your second year quarterback, because your offensive coordinator will not let the damn training wheels off. Until Brian Daboll wakes, up this team is going to struggle. They need to fire Daboll and give the offensive play calling over to Ken Dorsey. You can keep drinking the Kool-Aid but Daboll is too conservative, and the only reason he was hired is because he is from the area. He is not worthy, and his playcalling is horrendous. Sorry, but not sorry. If you drafted Josh Allen to manage the damn game, why did you not draft Lamar Jackson, or keep Tyrod Taylor? I honestly feel Josh Allen can be a 300 yard passer every week, and win games, but you have to trust him. I think the Fan Base trusts him more than his coaches do.

I hate that the Bills coaches have seen Josh Allen on the final drive of the game get it done, yet they will not trust him throughout the game. Every time the Bills put a fullback in the backfield or two backs they Browns stacked the box. They made Josh Allen beat them today, and he almost did, yet your OC will not trust him.


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