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Five hidden gems in the 2019 NFL Draft at the skill position: Volume 2

Justin Sumpter is a big time playmaker and a huge sleeper in the 2019 NFL Draft. Some believe he will go undrafted but his stock is rising! Sumpter and others are huge hidden gems in the 2019 NFL Draft!

NFL Draft Diamonds

2019 NFL Draft Hidden Gems  by : Matt Anzio

Skill Position Vol. 2      

WR/ Flanker/ Slot – Justin Sumpter     

  • School – Kennesaw State    
  • Height:  6’2
  • Weight: 225lbs            
  • Hand – 10 “
  • Wingspan: 79”
  • Projected Forty – 4.56     
  • Projected Reps at 225 -17   
  • Bowl Invites – Gridiron Showcase
  • Best Games: 9/24/16 & 10/1/16   
  • Hometown: Austell , GA


Sumpter is a tough wide out with a knack for making tough catches in traffic or one handed grabs.

Location location location is the best possible way to describe the way Sumpster positions himself to make some awe inspiring catches wins with body/ball skills along with aggressive hands  physicality.

Might be a flanker or slot wideout at the next level as he has the toughness frame to go across the middle or body DB’s on the sidelines Exceptional vision, toughness confidence & athleticism. Long strider with good burst and movement skills thru traffic.   Can stop n go on go routes effectively positioning himself in the right way to contort extend his body making something out of nothing. Executes routes with precision boxing out DB’s keeping them behind him  optimally. Great timing awareness & the toughness to track the ball go up snatch it out the air. Timing awareness flexibility to make some acrobatic diving catches or one-handed grabs. A fun player to watch although he runs a lot of out routes he runs them flawlessly execution is  naturallysmooth . Has played X wide out at Kennesaw but think he really shined with a little extra room off the line as a Y or Flanker position. Adjusts to the passes whether under or overthrown he recognizes the ball’s velocity & either comes back or stretches out. Durable muscular build with strong legs, arms & hands  can take a hit while maintaining good ball security. Would love to see him on more slants crosses up the middle think is definitely the way they used hi not that he cant run patterns & make cuts was just not asked to do it mch. Has the ferocity intensity to be a copious blockerin the bubble screen or run option game. Has the frame to hold down blocks on most DB’s. Could come in handy to make a 53 being able to hold blocks on kick coverage while adding some toughness & depth to your WR room.      

RB – Jaymar Anderson

  • East Stroudsburg University
  • Height: 6 ‘ 2
  • Weight: 225lbs
  • Hand:  8 ¾              
  • Wingspan: 72 “
  • Projected Forty – 4:60    
  • Projected Reps at 225 lbs- 26      
  • Projected Vert 35 ½ “    
  • Best game: 239 yds 6 TDs vs Seton Hill 9/8/18 & 175 yds 1 TD vs Bloomsburg 10/13/18
  • Hometown:   Philadelphia P.A.


Powerful lean out the gate down hill see’s the hole explodes through it like the Kool Aid Man.

Strong sturdy durable , strong build old school type running back . Bigger power or short yardage back that can be useful on short yardage or goalline scenarios. Doesn’t do much dancing but can make some lucid cuts, one or two cuts is normally enough then he will roll over defenders like a road paver rolls over a parking lot. Good ball security  keeps it high & tight out of harm’s way. Competitive player that will fight for the extra yard or push the pile. Might be a power back but will impress many with his open field explosiveness .

Shows good hands in the passing game has ideal size to line up out wide as an addition receiving a threat. Has the type of frame most ST coordinators & RB coaches are in search of to be helpful on blocking assignments. Overall he can be every don or situational type back. Emory Hunt has him ranked pretty high with a solid 74 grade. Always enjoy Emory’s unique insightful videos & will have to agree with him On Anderson. Type of back that averages over 116 yds per game. With his torch & musclei might even grade him a bit higher. With that aside Anderson is a power back but can be utilized in more ways than just short yardage or goal line. He can contribute running, catching, blocking & ST. Also a leader in the locker room type of back & person you want on your team. One of my personal favorite small school backs would not surprised if her tests real well at his Pro Day.

QB – Vincent Espinosa

  • School: Lincoln P. A.    
  • Height: 6’ 3                  
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Projected Forty –    4. 39
  • Projected Reps 225 – 13   
  • Bowl invites: FCS Bowl, Tropical Bowl, HBCU SOA, Aztec Bowl Minn Bowl
  • Best Games: 2018 vs Chowen 375 yds 3 TD’s 62 rushing yds  & 1 rush TD. FCS Bowl 11-16 2 pass TD & the game-winning 2 point conversion
  • Hometown: Madera, Cal


Dual threat shifty quick twitch strong arm QB with quick feet  acrobat type flexibility & agility.

Espinosa has quick reaction time  reflexes quick release goes thru progressions rapidly.  Shows good strength on the long ball or back shoulder fades putting the ball only in places his targets can reach.  Doesn’t put his weapons in danger for the most part leads his wide outs away fro defenders. Dangerous once he escapes the pocket can be hard to contain . Could require a spy at times, if not in general. Good touch & ball placement on intermediate & long balls putting the ball out in front of the wide out’s on back shoulder fades on deep balls. Good awareness can feel the pocket breaking down knows when to use his legs. Really strives at the 2 step release quick hitters. Once he gets into a  Rhythm Vinny turns into a different QB all together. His confidence judgment poise seem to grow if he gets in a rhythm early in the game. . He would benefit from a good run game combined with his ability to run could create an excellent option or RPO offense. Keeps his eyes down the field when he is forced to move out the pocket. Can escape make a quick throw to get out of trouble or use his wheels to run for the first down.

Showed off his arm & legs at the FCS Bowl last month. He threw for a TD as well as rushed for a TD showed the ability to drive the ball down the field. Hitting receivers on the right side left side & in the middle. Still a raw QB prospects but has all the physical attributes needed to be successful. Especially on a young team or a rebuilding team with a young O line.  The right team & coach can develop Espinosa into an exciting dynamic QB.Vinny just needs a coach to get behind him work the fundamentals. Get him both physically & mentally prepared for the unforgiving world of Pro Sports. Vinny can try to do to much to quick he just needs to stay calm keep working the fundamentals & not to overthink things. All things that can be taught but his flexibility athletic talents can not be taught. Need to harness those talents then i think Espinosa could have a career throwing the football.

TE/ Hybrid – Mykel Traylor Bennett

  •  School – Akron
  • Height: 6 ‘ 4     
  • Weight: 220  
  • Projected Forty –  4.50
  • Projected Reps 225 –    17
  • Bowl Invite: Tropical Bowl
  • Best Games: vs BGU 11/17/18 ,   vs ohio 11/ 23/ 18 vs SC   11/1/18
  • Hometown: Columbus Ohio


A former wide out turned TE out of necessity & his 6’4 size.

Still has dynamite burst off the line like a wideout but has a nice big body frame that can take more muscle without losing his feet. He is about 220 if he can run a 4.50 with that size which he assures me he can then I’m not opposed to keeping him 225 lbs to 230.   Coming back from an injury that required surgery on his ankle he showed he has the drive & that he didn’t lose a step. He doesn’t have gaudy numbers was asked to be a factor in the blocking game. When the ball is thrown or kicked his way MTB gets separation can make contested tight catches. Was an X WR at times when he played wideout so that speaks to the speed & burst off the line. That could be a spectacular virtue at the tight end position the ability to not only catch but have deep threat ability is getting harder & harder to find. I’d says the tight end position for the second year in a row is a weakness in the draft. Meanwhile wideout is stacked with WR’s of all shapes & sizes. Been encouraging the ones 6’4 over 220 to consider the position because of need.  Rangy long arms perfect for the back corner of the end zone or high pointing the ball against even the bigger DB’s. As a former kick returner has the vision to navigate through traffic with the ball in his hand.Or the power to physically plow his way for additional yardage or as a run blocker. Also plays kick return coverage can get down the field fast make diving ST tackles. Just needs to get stronger work on blocking fundamentals everydaykeep working hard. Has great potential that should get a chance to compete in a camp this spring.

        WR – Zac Drew Toles

  • New Mexico Highlands       
  • Height :    6 -3
  • Weight :   185 lbs
  • Projected Forty –  4.54
  • Projected Reps at 225 lbs – 14     
  • Projected Vert: 34 ½ “
  • All-Conference 2018          
  • Best Games: 109 yds & 1 TD vs       
  • Bowl Invite: FCS Bowl,
  • Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada


Big body wide out with long  explosive strides & amplified physical features.

Another possible flanker  but I think he could play the X wide out cause he has the size enough explosiveness  with the toughness to fight for the ball. Long arms big hands not hard to spot him on the field looks the part. Plays the part  equally as well plays outside stretching the field makes flawless subtle cuts. Can catch the ball over his shoulder like a true pro.  Makes good adjustments on his routes to accommodate under or overthrown balls. Quality YAC in special situations but not afraid of contact either but can be stronger.

Toles has  the perfect frame to add ultimate magnitude bulkiness.  The added size & strength will eliminate any concerns at all about his ability to break tackles.Shows some good technique in his  run blocking assignments. Was heavily double teamed yet still made some nice plays in tight coverage caught some long balls too. Keep working on power long speed Toles can be a very fun player to keep an eye on this spring. Reminds me of the type of wideout New Orleans would bring in has those type of features as far as physically. Would be a UDFA only because of the depth of this receiver draft. Really like his attitude been following me for a few months now and he has been very respectful mature player to deal with.  With a good pro day can get Dre- Toles on some scouts radars.

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