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2019 NFL Draft Small School Sleeper Spotlight: Offensive Line Prospects

Devon Johnson of Ferris State is one of the best small school offensive lineman in the 2019 NFL Draft, and he was showcased in Matt Anzio’s Small School Sleeper Spotlight

2019 NFL Draft Small  School Sleeper Spotlight   By. Matt Anzio

Offensive Line Prospects!!!!!!
  • OG/OL – Tyler Davis
  • School – Citadel  
  • Height: 6’1       
  • Weight 300 lbs        
  • 78 ½ Wing Span          
  • Arm: 33 ⅛        
  • Hand: 9 ½
  • 2018 All-Southern Conference 1st Team
  • Projected Forty –  5:08
  • Projected Reps at 225 –   32
  • Projected Vert 32 ½ inch


Tyler is a road grader & a space eater.  He is physical can get to the 2nd level moving to create wide open lanes for his backs at Citadel the last couple of seasons. Plenty of awards to Davis name he is All-Conference every year. Was a 2018 Hero Preseason All American 2nd Team.  The 2017 & 2018 MVP of his team even the Southern Conference Rookie of the year as a true freshman. So the accolades are there the tape the measurements all add up to a OL prospect that could make an immediate impact on some pro roster in the coming months.

In The Run Game :

Davis is super athletic they can just lock onto a block & take a defender for a ride.  Maintains a fantastic powerful lean quick with the hands to engage defenders. He drives defenders with good hand placement & doesn’t stop till the play is over. Dangerous on a pull he can snatch defenders like sacks of potatoes knocking them completely out the picture. Opening run lanes or lead blocks opening nice size holes for the backs to move through with ease. Nice lean with an above average strong quick moving hands to knock players backs with his compact hard to shed frame. Stays out in front of his opponents. Making first contact beating defenders to the punch then driving them back or to the ground. Plays the entire play with real good intensity driving his opponent back pushing the line of scrimmage. Running backs just need to follow 53 towards the end zone. Can hold blocks legally both vertically & laterally. Knocking D players of the ball opening holes.

In Pass Protection

Always aware ready to go awesome field vision. Ideal Center candidate in my opinion as a 6 ft 1 guy with good mobility that seems to be a natural fit for Davis. Can plant roots keeping a wide base with perfect pad level stout holds the line.  Uses his hand’s well-keeping defenders in front of him & off his QB. Snaps the ball well slappy knee bender technique football IQ & toughness athletic ability make his a Center or Guard prospect that will get a look by some scout or GM. If not the NFL then the many other platforms should come calling.  Can hold the line just a natural bender with quick feet & hips. Ideal fit in many of today’s Pro Offenses. Smooth operator both in the pass & run game surprising Davis is such a sleeper.     

  • LT / RT    – Josh Doyle
  • School – Eastern Illinois University
  • Height : 6 ‘5        
  • Weight : 310 lbs      
  • Hand : 9”
  • Wingspan: 78 “
  • 2019 Dream Bowl Invite & attendee  also invited to 3- 4 others including the FCS Scout bowl
  • Projected Forty – 5:10
  • Projected Reps at 225lbs – 24
  • 2017  had 24 pancakes & 2018 had 65 pancakes  


Jumped on the Doyle Bandwagon after a nice showing at the Dream Bowl.

He was featured in the recap thought he showed flashed both in run blocking scenarios but looked natural as in pass protection. The 6 ft 5 senior stood out in a game where the D was pretty good but Doyle held his own against some tough DL prospects at the Dream Bowl. He also he is a high character individual that seems very coachable & a good locker room type guy.

In the Run Game

Doyle comes off the line quick upon snap smoothly with consistency.  He keeps his arms & knees bent in good technique while trying to move the defender off the spot.  Initiates contact rapidly & aggressively off the snap. Getting his hands out first then engaging his weight on his opponent.  Can swing out on run blocks maintaining posture. Good weight distribution even on the move can kick out use his hands violently to create run lanes.  Glasseater that plays through the whistle with intensity & toughness.

In The Pass Game

Excels in maintaining his posture throughout the block. Consistently working the arms & hands keeping defenders in front of him. Effortless movement with a strong plant leg keeps a wide base with a natural kick. Holds a pretty deep pocket  can withstand blocks threw the whistle. His technique is above average seems like a natural bender with the athlerism needed to slow down faster pass rushers on the outside. Most these guys wind up becoming Guards at the next level. I see Doyle as first a OT & of course if needed I think he would do well at Guard. He possess enough size covers enough ground & has the agility athletic ability to play on the outside.  Very aware of where his QB is almost all the time keeping him clean untouched locking down his gap assignments.

  • OC/OG – Daylan Smith
  • School: Anderson University
  • Height:  6 ‘ 1
  • Weight: 315 lbs
  • Wingspan: 73 :        
  • Hand size: 9 4/8
  • Projected Forty : 5.38               
  • Projected Reps at 225lbs  – 25
  • Projected Vert – 33 “

Stout sturdy keeps a good wide base but yet still very athletic for his size. My first introduction to Smith was at the HBCU Spirit of America Bowl last Month.  Smith was a member of the Brave side that as a whole struggled against a tough Pride D. Now going back to the tape I can look and see most of that didn’t occur on the left side where Smith played LG.  Can get a better evaluation just focusing in on Smith watch how he handled both pass rushers & in the run game so here we go.

In The Run Game

Seems to be able to contain bigger DL prospects then himself simply by using leverage & technique  keeping his hands inside. Keeps himself pre snap in a very low stance with a heavy lean upon snap keeps low gradually rising with good velocity  making contact quickly. Holds the line well can swing out on combo blocks. Or get a nice push to open holes for his backs to navigate through. Smart football IQ having played both OG & OC much like Davis above.   Knee bender with decent hips & a wide stance looks for work on run plays. Can get to the 2nd level looks natural doing so. Good laterally to help spring outside runs or screens. Big natural body lean with a unexpected expedius leg & body movement capability.  Needs to play through the whistle more at times but he has all the traits needed to be a good run blocker somewhere in 2019 – 2020.

In the Pass Game

Plays pretty loose patient in pass protection moves easily. Athletic legs but still enough lower body strength to hold back pass rushers on the inside. Keeps his knees arms bent as he drives his body weight into the defender. Ideally, another center prospect with his height, toughness & athleticism could see him helping a Pro Semi-Pro teams in the upcoming seasons.  Patient with good awareness uses hands before he engages his full body. Needs to use his athletic ability more work on Center drills & being able to read defenses. Cause of that is what will be asked of him will most likely be his best route to the Pros. He has above average feet & body movement looks fluid as well. He just needs to put it all together. Would like to see more of him in different OL formations/ positions

  • LT/ OT  – Devon (Bo) Johnson
  • School: Ferris State
  • Height 6’7  
  • Weight: 320 lbs
  • Projected Forty – 5: 25                
  • Projected Reps at 225 –  30
  • All Consensus All American     
  • Played in NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Now Invited to NFL Combine.


Johnson is an intriguing OT prospect that went from a small school onto the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Now because he impressed scouts  from almost every team, he has been invited to the combine in Indy next month. A four year starter for Ferris St and was the GLIAC Offensive player of the year  as part as one of the Nations best OL units in 2018. Be able to add his combine numbers to the report after the combine. One of my favorite sleepers not only as a OT but overall.  Can find his interview from draft diamonds done previously by searching his name.

In The Run Game

Comes of the snap smoothly with speed  outstanding bend technically sound blocker grabs defenders between the shoulders ragdolling them out the picture.  Ridiculous athletic prowess engaging defenders on the move getting his hands out moving bodies. Knees arms stay bent the whole time beastly strong blocks are fueled by his enormous size & power. Elite aggressiveness at finishing blocks. Johnson can take a edgerusher & manhandle him to the turf.  

In The Pass Game

Good flexibility agility for a big guy in pass blocking a lot to like about big Bo. Comes off the line quickly, fluidly, hips look extremely oily for a 6 ft 7 OT. Loose natural movement skills pass blocking gem. Johnson engages quickly some of the best lateral movement i’ve seen of OT’s of his size or any size in any draft. Feet moving knees always bent throughout the blockhead is always in the game. Knows where his QB is at all times protects him like his only daughter. Castes a wide net  keeps a deep pocket not easy getting around big Johnson. Head stays down upon engagement his long reach strong hands always getting to the defender first locking him down. Swallowing up pass rushers like a 2 piece & a biscuit. Really gets after it in a hurry a LOT on every scouts radar now he’s going to the combine.  Could be a plug n play OT from jump street. OG/OC – Darrell Brown

  • OG/OC – Darrell Brown
  • School –  Grambling State
  • Height: 6’ 2         
  • Weight: 305 lbs
  • Projected Forty- 5.30
  • Projected Reps at 225 –  24
  • All-Star Invites HBCU SOA & Podyum All-Star
  • Best Games – vs Tulane 9/2/ 17 vs Northwestern State 9/9/17


Really not a ton of tape on the OG/C prospect but I was able to pull up the 2017 SWAC Championship game. Studying that tape  what i saw was a lineman with a powerful lean strong push can open lanes & possess the athletic ability needed to suceed at a higher level.  Wish he was able to attend one of the couple All Star events he was invited to but due to issues beyond his control he wasn’t able to. So he is willing to adjust to whatever coaches need him to do on the O line or ST’s.  He is comfortable in Zone, man schemes as well as Off gap or pin n pull blocking scheme fits. The right coaching can really utilize both his strength & athletic talents.

In the Run Game

Looks comfortable in run blocking schemes or in option based offenses with his surprisingly quick feet . Naturally drops his weight on the defender with a powerful lean.  Keeps a wider stance in the run then in the pass game. Knows how to use his leverage & he is quick off the line. Is normally first to initiate contact against the defender. Wanted to highlight a couple of these guys since football is trending in the RPO/ run  Option direction. Can get lateral pretty fast for a big guy get his hands on the defender while maintaining a good stance. Needs to finish better at times but that can be fixed. Other than that he has natural movement hips, hand placement & bends at the knees.

In the Pass Game

Gets good punch in the inside of the defenders shoulder pads while maintaining leverage.  Could get wider at times but he is hard to move. Keeps pad level knees bent with his head up engaged in the play.  Has the versatility needed to block for a RPO style O having blocked for a QB like Kincade who is a duel threat. Makes the proper adjustments & helped spring many of a block weh  Kincade tucks it & runs. Heavy in the pants not easily moving him off his spot. Alert able to recognize disguises & stunts & adjust on the fly.

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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