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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Bruno Anyangwe, OLB, Shepherd University

What is your name?

Bruno Anyangwe

What is your Height/Weight?

6’1 235lbs

What is your position?


Crucial 3rd down specialist

Where do you play college football?

Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV

Where are you from?

Clarksburg, MD

Who is your role model, and why?

My father is my biggest role model, he instilled so many great values in me, my sibling, and all of my cousins.

Who was your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher was definitely my Sociology teacher in high school Mr Spoales. He was one of the few teachers that could keep my attention every single class, and he made Sociology so interesting.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I played some middle school basketball and that was about it. I was like a baby Draymond Green.

Who was the toughest player you ever faced?

During my freshman and sophomore year at Elon University we played Tarik Cohen. He had a different type of speed and quickness that I had never seen before. And coaches try to tell you how to defend a player like that. But there is only so much that you can do. The games were pretty close though.

Who is the most underrated player on your team?

110% Scott Dixon, he plays the biggest sacrifice position on the defense at Nose. Shutting down the A gap is the most important part of run defense and to take that double team on almost every play has to take a real toll on you. I’ve been mistakenly and purposefully put in there and trying to split a double team is damn near impossible. And it is even more impressive because he does it all with no gloves on.

What is the one song that would fire you up before the biggest game of your life?

Do Not Disturb by Drake. I’ve always been more of a get into the zone type of player rather than fired up. Except when it comes to celebrating something then the fire is very prominent.

If you could compare your play to one player in the NFL who would it be and why?

I was often compared to Jabrill Peppers because of the multiple positions I played on the defense. But i think i am more of a Haason Riddick.

What was the biggest obstacle in your life you had to overcome, and how did you overcome it?

I think the recent passing of my dad was definitely the biggest obstacle I’ve ever faced, because you know that nobody lives forever, but it took me a very long time to accept that it was actually real. It took a long winter break surrounded by all of my siblings and cousins, and we all worked through it together.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Mostly just listening to calm music and taking everything really slowly. I also like to be one of he last out of the tunnel, it gives me the sense I am sort of the anchor of the team.

What was the most memorable play of your collegiate career?

It is a dead tie between scoring my first career defensive touchdown and getting a strip sack in the quarterfinals of the 2016 playoffs when we were down to Cal PA. It gave us a big momentum shift. I like to give everybody a hard time about it saying I personally won us that game, but they always pretend I didn’t. And it’s okay. Lol They know the truth.

What is the coolest thing you ever did off the field for someone else?

For my speech class i wrote an essay about how my sister is one of my heroes. I told her about it but I’d never let her read what it said.

Who was your favorite NFL team growing up?

I loved the Packers and Brett Favre has always been my favorite player for no other reason than the first time i got to play Madden 2001 that is the team I picked. And Brett Favre had been my favorite ever since. It also helps that he is the best Quarterback to ever play the game.

If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive, who would you choose?

My father, Kobe Bryant, and Dave Chappelle a great mix of the greatest I’ve ever seen at their crafts.

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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