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Two teams were scared to trade for Kaepernick because they thought he would retire

Colin Kaepernick will be on the 49ers roster when April 1st comes around according to the team's GM
Colin Kaepernick is ready to prove his worth

Albert Breer shed some light on the Colin Kaepernick situation when he stated that he spoke with at least two teams who did research to find out they thought Kaepernick would retire and did not want to play football anymore.

“Last year, at least two teams who did research on Kaepernick had serious questions about whether he even wanted to play football anymore,” Breer reported.

Kaepernick is a very solid football player, and he can lead a team.  The problem is will Kaepernick get the ball rolling for the 49ers?  They need a jump and I feel they will get the jump they need today against the Bills.


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