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Eagles linebacker was arrested for smashing a bottle over a cabana boy’s head in Miami

nigel bradhamEagles linebacker Nigel Bradham is in trouble with the law after he reportedly smashed a bottle over a cabana boy’s head in Miami.  Bradham lives in South Beach, and turned himself into the police after he was not given an umbrella for the beach that he paid for.

“The verbal argument became physical, with the victim sustaining cuts and lacerations, including one to the back of his head when a glass battle was allegedly smashed over it. The six people then fled the scene, running toward Ocean Drive and entering a vehicle before speeding away. A phone was discovered at the scene, which was turned over to police as evidence along with a receipt showing Bradham paid for the umbrella with his credit card.”

This is an amazing story.  Not many people would believe it, if you were just telling the story around a camp fire.


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