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Ravens QB Joe Flacco is not sure if he will worry about his knee until he is hit again

Can Joe Flacco lead the Ravens to the top spot in the entire NFL?
Joe Flacco is not sure how he will react to his knee until he is hit

The Baltimore Ravens are hoping their former first round pick Joe Flacco will come out slinging the ball around.  The problem is Flacco started 122 consecutive games before tearing his ACL in the 122nd game of his career. He has never been injured so it will be interesting to see what happens when he is hit again.

“It’s funny, when I’m out there running around and cutting on it and doing those things, there is no tentativeness, because I didn’t hurt it that way,” Flacco told the Ravens’ website. “I hurt it getting hit. I’m curious. It will probably be a little different the first time I take a couple drop-backs and feel a little bit of guys coming in my face. I’ll have to step and throw still.”

“I don’t expect to have those kinds of thoughts linger in my head,” Flacco said. “But you never know until you get out there and do it again.”

Hopefully, Flacco can rebound and do well, if not the Ravens could struggle badly. 


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