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#Titans are believed to 50-50 on the first overall pick; They are still looking to trade it

TItans may be looking to trade the first overall pick
TItans may be looking to trade the first overall pick

According to Peter King’s MMQB, the Tennessee Titans are still in limbo about their first round pick. The Titans may be working to trade their first round pick. The Titans have several players they like with the first overall pick, but they have not closed the door on trading their first pick. 

The Titans, holders of the first pick in the draft, will have a chance to make a deal. The Titans have received significant interest in the pick. I believe it is now 50-50 whether Tennessee will trade it or keep it. Rookie Tennessee GM Jon Robinson is going to have to decide whether to accept an offer—presumably by a team that wants one of the top two quarterbacks in the draft, Carson Wentz of North Dakota State or Cal’s Jared Goff—or to stay at number one and pick a player the Titans believe will be a cornerstone for years to come.

The leaders in the clubhouse for Tennessee are Laremy Tunsil, the Mississippi tackle, and defensive back Jalen Ramsey of Florida State. The Titans have a couple other players they’re seriously considering—aside from Tunsil and Ramsey, a Tennessean who really want to play close to home—but those two are the most logical.


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