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Did the #Rams just jump the #Browns to draft their top quarterback?

Jared Goff is a stud and our scout Lijah Spencer breaks down his film in his latest scouting report
Watch the Rams draft Jared Goff and screw the Browns

There have been rumors all week that the Cleveland Browns have wanted to take a franchise quarterback.  We all know that the Browns have been in love with both Carson Wentz and Jared Goff.  Over the last couple days, Jared Goff has been the name that reporters have been saying in regards to the Browns.

The Browns coaching staff loved Jared Goff according to multiple sources, and now the Rams are jumping the Browns. The Browns fired six scouts this week, who were the heart of the Browns organization in my opinion. They were all amazing at their jobs.  Many say the scouts were on board with Carson Wentz, but we all know the Owner in Cleveland has the final say, just ask about Johnny Manziel.  Now, the Browns just may have screwed themselves once again.

The Rams are now the owners of the first pick in the NFL draft, and they are drafting a quarterback. Browns could lose out on Jared Goff, which is huge for the organization, but it may make them select Carson Wentz.  If not they could trade out of the number 2 spot.

I honestly think the Browns will mess this up again. Watch them trade out and end up drafting a quarterback that cannot hit a barn.  Sorry Browns fans, your organization is in disarray.


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