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Is Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey overrated?

Buccaneers quarterback is lobbying for his former teammate Jalen Ramsey
Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey is rated by many as the best player but is he overrated?

I have seen many teams rating Jalen Ramsey as the best defensive back and the best player in the entire NFL Draft. Well today, Peter King of MMQB, posted some interesting stats, and I wanted to see what you all think about these.

• Ramsey had no interceptions or forced fumbles in his last 17 collegiate games.

• Ramsey had two interceptions in his last 40 college games. For those who say, well, offenses weren’t throwing at him, no. (Pro Football Focus had Ramsey with zero picks in 66 balls thrown at him in 2015 at FSU.) He dropped several catchable balls last season, and his hands are not his strong suit.

Many great players do not make plays on the ball, but you have to capitalize on plays when you have the opportunity. When you review his film, he looks the part, but the statistics when Pro Football Focus list it, make you question what you seen.  What do you think?  Is Ramsey overrated?


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