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Could the #Browns trade down one more time and still get a quarterback?

Memphis QB Paxton Lynch says his previous injuries spooked a few teams
Could the Browns be in the hunt for Paxton Lynch of Memphis?

Let’s face it the Cleveland Browns were not one player away from getting to the Playoffs. They now hold the eighth pick in the NFL Draft, and one team is still trying to get into the top 10. That team is the team that held the first pick in the NFL Draft.  The Tennessee Titans.  So here is my question to you, could the Browns be looking to trade again?

The Browns already have 12 picks in this years draft, and they picked up an additional first round pick and an additional second round pick in 2018.  Now imagine a team calling them and trading them another first round pick to move out?  Imagine the Titans trading them a first round pick from 2017 and a swap of first round picks in the 2016 NFL Draft.  That would put the Browns at 15 overall, and they would still be in play for Paxton Lynch.

Lynch is considered the third best quarterback in the draft, and the Browns would likely walk away with another first round pick in 2017.  Adam Schefter is saying watch out for Paxton Lynch to the Browns, but would they do it at 8?  I doubt it, so keep an eye on the Browns and do not be surprised if they move back again.


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