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2016 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

2016 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

By Lijah Spencer (@tweaked74)
Tonight in scouting notes we look at a player who many people love, but just as many people feel strongly the opposite about him. As always, these notes are based off from previous year’s film, and will precede the full scouting report which will come later this season. Here are my notes:

Dak Prescott. QB. 6’2. 230 Lbs. (RS Senior) Mississippi St.

The Positives

1) Has decent running ability

2) When fundamentals are good, can make accurate throws

The Negatives

1) Has a somewhat unorthodox throwing motion

2) Inconsistent fundamentals, and thus accuracy is very inconsistent

3) Seems to struggle going through his progressions

4) Has just OK size

5) Has just OK arm strength

Dak Prescott is a QB who has had quite a bit of college success, his team last year was ranked #1 for a portion of the season. His throwing motion is a bit out of the norm, at times it looks like he is throwing a shot put instead of a football, and his arm strength is ok but not great. There are times that he sets his feet, squares his hips, and makes a very accurate throw. But there are maybe more times where he doesn’t. He will throw from all angles, and this is when his accuracy really struggles. He can hit a receiver in stride 20 yards down the field, and on the very next play he can over throw a wide open player by 20 yards. Prescott sometimes seems to struggle to correctly read a defense, at times throwing into triple coverage. He also has a tendency to throw the ball blind while being sacked, resulting in turnovers or near turnovers, sometimes it is better to just take the sack. He is a fairly mobile QB and does have the ability to throw on the run. Unless Prescott corrects some fundamental issues and maybe improves his throwing motion, even with another successful season, I see him as a mid to late round pick and a developmental player at the NFL level.


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