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Could the Dolphins remove the tag from Charles Clay?

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, the Miami Dolphins are getting fed up with Charles Clay and his contract situation. According to Graham, the Dolphins are expected to move on.

@ByTimGraham: Knowledgable source tells me Dolphins have “lost patience” with and “moved on” from Charles Clay. At moment, Fins expect him to be a Bill.

So here is my question, if the Dolphins are expected to move on, will the Dolphins be forced to remove the tag?

The Dolphins have several holes and there are still good free agents available, but if the Dolphins keep waiting on Clay they are losing the opportunity to sign solid free agents. 

The Dolphins currently have 14 million tied up in Charles Clay and Jordan Cameron. The Dolphins are expected to move on, but by freeing Clay from the tag they save 7 million dollars. If they are not going to match the offer sheet anyway, why not get the money and sign free agents? Remember the tag will not give them anything in return if they do not match the offer sheet anyway.

The Bills may be playing the waiting game, and it might just work.


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