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Packers Bulaga wants to fight through the pain to play

bulagaJosh Sitton doesn’t know if his friend and Green Bay Packers offensive line mate Bryan Bulaga will be able to play through a knee injury he suffered in the season opener. But he thinks that Bulaga is going to try.

“He seems to be very positive about the way his knee feels, so he’s going to fight to play,” Sitton, the Packers Pro Bowl left guard, said Monday. “We’ll see what happens.”

I am not sure the Packers should allow him to fight through the pain, because he can mess up more than just his MCL. Right now it is a few week timetable for him to return healthy, but Josh Sitton seems to think Bulaga is going to try to fight through the injury.  If he does in fact get hurt worse, it could be the end of his career, which has been riddled by injuries.  

If the Packers staff is smart, they will sit him out and let him rest. It is for his own good. 


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