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Houston Texans defense has only allowed one passing touchdown this season

texans dWe always knew the Houston Texans pass rush was dominate, and we knew the Texans were able to get to the quarterback, but who would have thought that after three weeks of football the Texans defense would have only allowed one passing touchdown?

The Houston Texans will be ranked number one after tonight’s game between the Jets and Bears. Houston’s secondary has only allowed 530 yards through the air so far this season averaging a league low 9 yards a reception.  The Texans have only allowed one touchdown via the air after three games and have been really impressive.

The defense has only been ran on 40 times this year in three games.  That is not many, but next week they will face a major test from the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills have been running the ball pretty effectively averaging 4.5 yards a carry.  The Bills were ranked first overall last year in yards from scrimmage, but will need to be able to hit a wide receiver every once in a while.  The Texans will have a good game plan, but this could be interesting moving forward. I am super impressed with Houston Texans defense.


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