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Buffalo Bills look intelligent by letting Jairus Byrd walk in free agency

aaron williamsI remember when Bills fans thought the world was ending. That was the week they found out Jairus Byrd would be leaving Buffalo for a mega contract to play for the New Orleans Saints.  The Bills fans were crushed, but the Bills quickly paid Aaron Williams who they felt was an up and coming safety in the game.  The Saints however are in a huge financial crisis already and needed to re-work tons of contracts to get Byrd on the roster.  The contract was not the greatest contract, but it did make Byrd one of the highest paid safeties in the NFL.

Byrd was given a 6 years, 54 million dollars contract. The Saints fans were pumped up. They just received the best safety in the NFL according to many, but after 3 weeks in the NFL, people are already giving up on Byrd in New Orleans. 

Jairus Byrd– $90mil punt catcher.

“Eagles have to sign Jairus Byrd” Malcolm Jenkins 2 INTS, Byrd 0 INTS. Guess Eagles guessed right.

Just from watching the TV, it looked like Jairus Byrd whiffed some today. And where was that pass rush for the Saints?

Jairus Byrd watch: 6 solo tackles, 4 missed tackles according to PFF.

Well after 3 weeks of football, I went to our friends at Pro Football Focus, to get a little stat work. Let’s see how analytics play when it comes to football.  After three games Jairus Byrd has 11 tackles, 4 assists, 1 pass break up and 1 fumble forced.  That is pretty good for a safety right?  Well let’s see what @PFF graded Byrd. 

Jairus Byrd graded as a -1.6 which is in fact RED, REALLY RED.

Then I thought it would be interesting to go to Aaron Williams.  The Bills did give him a nice paycheck as well.  The Bills gave Williams a 4 year deal worth 26 million dollars, basically half of what Byrd was paid. So let’s go to his stats.  Williams has 18 tackles, 6 assists and 1 pass break up. Williams has been awesome when asked to fill a gap as well for Jim Schwartz’s defense.  

Aaron Williams graded as a 5.2, which is in fact GREEN, VERY GREEN

I am not saying that after three games Aaron Williams is a better player than Jairus Byrd, because Byrd has proven to be a stud in the NFL, but I can say after three games, Aaron Williams has been just as productive if not more productive than Byrd. Plus, he is getting half of what Byrd is making and 3 years younger.  

So let me ask this question now Bills fans, Do you miss Jairus Byrd? 



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